New Apple Commercial Touts the iPhone as the World’s Most Popular Camera

Here’s a new iPhone commercial Apple just released today on its website and on YouTube. It’s a 1-minute-long spot that focuses on how the iPhone has shaken up the world of casual photography by becoming the world’s most popular camera.

“Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera,” Apple proudly says.


A look at Flickr’s Camera Finder page seems to show that Apple’s claim is true. The most popular cameras in the community have for years now been various iPhone models:


As you can see, the top three cameras in the Flickr community right now (based on the percentage of members shooting with them) are the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4.

When only looking at smartphones, we see that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been creeping up the leaderboards, but is still a long ways away from becoming as popular as the iPhone:


If the various iPhone models were combined, the “iPhone” would be blowing the other smartphone cameras out of the water (in terms of number of users).


The commercial may be created by Apple to promote the iPhone 5, but it’s also a glimpse into how smartphones as a whole have been shaking up the digital camera industry.

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Canon has been cutting its projected compact camera sales:

[Canon] cut its full-year sales target for compact cameras by 15 percent to 14.5 million units as consumers increasingly use smartphones to snap shots. […] “Earnings are weak in all businesses, with cameras particularly so,” [said analyst] Toshiya Hari. […] Global shipments of digital cameras almost halved to 4.26 million units in February from a year earlier, a 10th consecutive monthly decline. […] Shipments of compact models were down 40 percent in the first two months of 2013 from a year earlier, while that for cameras with interchangeable lenses dropped 17 percent

Reuters also reported today that Canon’s profits took a big dip in the first quarter of this year due to “picture-taking consumers eschewing compact cameras in favour of smartphones.”

  • Jerome

    I watched the video on Youtube and noticed that comments are disabled.

    Can’t take the heat, Apple? F*ck you and your products.

  • Attila Volgyi

    By “various iPhone models were combined” you mean combining numbers from the iPhone models and compare them to the combined numbers of Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry and other systems?

    It would be an interesting comparison that should be done I think.

  • Attila Volgyi

    What good could be commenting a commercial? Allowing comments could lead only to flames – who needs that? Except of course the flamers…

  • Jerome

    What if I didn’t let you answer my previous comment?


  • Attila Volgyi

    then I would spend my time with something more valuable

  • Jerome

    Man, you really like replying!

    It’s great when people learn, wouldn’t you agree? Oh wait, don’t answer that, you “wouldn’t want to start a flame war”!

  • Andrew Buckley

    As the saying goes: ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’. Where is the objective criticism about the quality of the images. The iphone et al makes it easy to upload images so it effectively bypasses peoples thought processes about image quality e.g. is the image well compossed? would that look good blown up and hung on the wall? Its quantity over quality. Of course we also shouldn’t forget the mad rules and regulations about when, where and what sort of gear you can take pictures with because of ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ concerns. What about all the images that never get uploaded because people don’t feel the need to share every minutiae of their lives with the wider world.

  • Igor Ken

    Haters gonna hate.

  • lewiswalsh

    Popularity is the hallmark of mediocrity.

  • Joel Ruiz Cantisani

    why compare it with the others combined? why not compared to all Samsung smartphones? after all Apple is just one company and you want to compare it to many companies and OSes? hmmm… apple hater detected..

  • Joel Ruiz Cantisani

    f*vk you and your products? wtf? c’mon people.. it’s just a company. Don’t like it, don’t buy, plain and simple.. buy why hate it? makes no sense.

  • chubbs

    Doesn’t this effectively mean that “the most popular camera is the one many people have sitting in their pocket when they want to take a picture”?

  • Jorbs

    You’re taking a typical action by corporations posting YouTube videos really seriously here.

  • Gord

    It’s just people having fun taking photos. It’s also the subject of an ad campaign. You’ve taken this way too far. And yeah, iPhones do produce pretty good image quality. If a large chunk of the photos are crappy, well then that’s no different than the volumes of people who have owned compact cameras throughout history to take whatever pleases their fancy.

    I don’t know why people are so up in arms over this. Thirty years ago, I’m sure companies would have happily expressed things like POLAROID IS THE MOST USED INSTANT CAMERA or MORE PEOPLE USE KONICA THAN ANY OTHER.

    Hell, they do this garbage with toothpaste. People here make it sound like they just did the most despicable thing in the world.

  • Attila Volgyi

    You misunderstood me. I meant combined numbers of different systems.
    iPhone is one system that should be compared to numbers from all of the Android system and all of the Windows Phone system, etc.
    I think dividing by companies is also interesting but not at the same scale.

    I didn’t even think of adding all the others together against iOS numbers but actually it would make an interesting comparison if Apple bumbers would still be larger.

    By the way I’m not an Apple hater.

  • Jerome

    I immediately looked at Microsoft videos and found open comments.

    It seems not all corporations are alike. Some embrace free speech and criticism. Others don’t.

  • Jerome

    Again, by commenting here and voicing your opinion, you prove my point.

    Would you visit Petapixel if you weren’t allowed to comment? What would you think of Petapixel?

    And yes, f*ck anyone who promotes censorship. Hey Apple, you don’t like free speech? GET OFF THE INTERNET.

  • Blackadder

    So… iPhones are popular. Many people like them. Does that mean they are good products? Depends on your definition, I guess.

    McDonald’s is also very popular, as are a bunch of low-quality TV shows.

    On the other hand, what’s the point of a product being “the best” if few people use it?

    Apple mixed all iPhone models together for this statistic. I’m pretty sure there are more Android phones out there than iPhones… should Google make a commercial saying they are #1?

  • Gord

    Who cares? They’re corporations. They’re all shady, open comments or not.

  • Guest

    I am amazed and relieved to not see the usual slew of “iPhone isn’t a camera!!! Growl!!” comments here!

  • Andrew Buckley

    I am not talking image quality here I am talking quality of the image the two things are different. Yes technology has moved on since the early cameras that were put in phones and image quality has improved but there are limits e.g. sensor size, the lack of optical zoom and a general lack of flexability. But as I said thats not what I am talking about. I am talking about the general lack of sitting down and looking at what has been taken. Its all too easy to go out, snap away on your smartphone (and yes I do have one (android)) and then upload the whole batch to flickr or whoever. Where is the thinking? Why aren’t they asking themselves ‘is this actually a good photo?’. I’ve seen friends albums on facebook (taken on a smartphone) and to me only about 10% of the images are good (and it is a generous 10%). The rest are rubbish. Of course I don’t tell them that because it wouldn’t be right. When the same friends have used a camera they tend to be a lot more thoughtful about what they upload and the quality of the images is much better. The thing is Apple have made a very broad statement based soley on a targeted set of numbers ‘uploaded images taken with an iphone’. Is it true? Probably. Are apple correct in extrapolating their claim? Who knows its all spin!! Personally I don’t think that cameras on smartphones can or should be compared with ‘proper’ cameras.

  • Andrew Buckley

    Simple its not a camera … its a phone that happens to have a camera built in. Hence its name iPhone not iCamera!

  • Jake

    IT is not a camera, but its camera is one of its defining features, and obviously the only one at issue here. We are talking about the iPhone camera, not the iPhone cellular service or calendar app.

  • georg

    “Every day, more ugly photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera”

  • Andrew Buckley

    well said

  • Mantis

    Apple & YouTube are both private companies so Free Speech doesn’t really apply. Just sayin’.

  • mantis

    See also: Budweiser.

  • Mantis

    I love my iPhone and use it take photos all the time.

    But only photos that I want to instantly share or just capture a moment.

    I’m always disappointing with the image quality and would never really use it for serious photography.

  • Duke Shin

    Yeah… if you showed up at a skatepark saying you had a filming rig and showed up with an iPhone instead, you’d get a beating and a golden shower.

  • Marcus Diddle

    “Personally I don’t think that cameras on smartphones can or should be compared with ‘proper’ cameras.”

    You should look into a Youtube series called “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” before you begin to classify what should and should not be considered a “proper camera”. Any camera in the right hands can take quality photos, including the camera on a phone. In fact, the cameras found on phones these days are rivaling if not surpassing most consumer point-and-shoots to the point of severely cannibalizing their sales. In the end, photography is photography, a camera is a camera.

  • Håvard Fandrem

    So you’re saying that pages that doesn’t have a comment field are all promoting censorship?

  • Håvard Fandrem

    Here goes to the guy that thinks companies can be judged by having comments on Youtube disabled or not.

  • mista s

    There are many of photographers on flickr using iphones to take fabulous photographs, if any one doubts how good these camera phones are btw.

    “In the right hands…any camera, be it a dslr or in this case an apple iphone, can be used to take a fantastic photograph!” Im actually interested in those who say a iphone cant take a decent picture, obviously they are not photographers, and if they are… are they any good? Or just people who have to hid behind a expensive camera and allow that to do all the work.

    Please put up or simple shut up!

  • Michael D

    It may be true. Budweiser might be the world’s most popular beer, if you want to go only on sales, not quality.

  • Michael D

    Funny. I posted my comment re:the same before I read down to see yours.

  • Zachary Larsen

    That commercial, like many other Apple commercials, makes me never want to get an Apple iGizmo.

  • Ozan Yasar

    I wonder which camera did they use to shoot this ad…

  • MadFerret9

    That certainly doesn’t make it the BEST camera.. it’s convenient, and that’s all it is.

  • Calvin-Nick Le

    samsuck- no matter how much you spent on advertisement to sucker in the idiots samsuck customers, to me, you are just another pos korean company, who like the Chinese, copies American and Japanese technology. Just think about it- TVs, cars, microwaves, fridge, security cameras, washing machine, etc… It’s all copied. They even steal commercial ideas to look like an Apple commercial. What a pos.  lol. Your 5″ pos phone is like carrying a tv around and talking on a tv- brick.  And your software is a pos as well. By the way, the way your plastic pos phone is built shows how poorly design it is even though you attempt to copied Apple’s design. Lol. Apple designed their phones in great US of A, but manufactures their phone in China. And so what??? Is like the pos korean manufacture their pos phones in America, or let alone, even their own country. In fact, pos samsuck manufacture their phones in China too, and still has horrendous labor conditions. So all you etarded samsuck whining goofball ignorant customers, lol to you. Hehehhe. And iPhone sales a lot more than your 3000-4000 variations of phones. :) there’s more idiots on here posting negatives about Apple while the humble Apple fans (besides me) are awesomely quiet. Just comes to show the characters of samsuck fans and their jealousy. Lol. They said Apple is doom, while Apple still ring in twice the profit of samsuck even though they sold many less phones. That is because samsuck has like 4000 different phones out there- and that’s why their margins sucks! In almost matter of fact their galaxy ssssss123456789 has over 11 different variations. And yes, samsuck, you were a major Apple suppliers, because your pos was cheap. Now that you have been disloyal to Apple and probably soon to Google, I am glad Apple is going with Japanese suppliers more and more. Go Apple and go Google/Motorola. Anything but pos samsuck. :) Lol

  • Swade

    Unpopularity is the hallmark of failure.

  • Swade

    The general public don’t care about image quality. You need to brush up on target markets.

  • Swade

    Ah, but there aren’t more androids phones out there than iPhones.

  • Swade

    “The best camera is the one you have on you.” -Chase Jarvis

  • CloudyDay

    Here’s an interesting thought. There are over 1.8 million CCTV cameras in the UK. Based on a low 1 fps picture rate (some will be more some will be less) this gives 160 billion pictures a day in the UK alone. If one manufacturer has a greater than 1% market share (seems likely), their cameras will take more pictures a day than all the iPhone users put together (based on 250 million iPhone sales and 6 pictures a day).

  • Jerome

    You have a competing corporations (in this case, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung…) that have official presences on Youtube.
    Microsoft and Samsung respect freedom of speech, and comments are open.
    Apple lives in a Denial Box and deactivates comments.
    How can you say we as consumers don’t have the right to judge companies based on their stance on censorship and free speech?! Of course we do!

    People died in revolutions so others could have the right to free speech. But, “who are we to judge” when some corporations choose censorship even when their competitors prefer an open debate? Right?

    “You shouldn’t judge companies that promote censorship”, says random Internet toughguy on a website that allows comments… oh the irony!

  • Cary Chauvet

    Beautiful commercial and true. I no longer own a separate camera and capture everything as a snap or a movie or a panorama. Just beautiful.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Ask Chase what camera he uses then. I have nothing against Chase, but it’s a ridiculous quote – and I say that even though I’m far from a gearhead.

  • Travis

    Oh no! They don’t allow comments! How can I complain about their devices on their own videos!

  • Gord

    And again, were talking about people having fun taking photos in a way which is no different to compact cameras in the past. They want to take a picture, they take it. Who cares?

  • BDWT

    “Jerome”, you talk tough because you’re hiding behind internet-user-anonymity. Youtube is already littered with immature, senseless comments and users like yourself will use terms like “freespeech” to justify your right to post whatever you like, wherever you like but personally I’m glad they disabled comments on the commercial because it means passive aggressive people such as yourself don’t have a medium to spread your hate and negativity which is entirely unnecessary in the first place. Life is short, don’t be a dick.