PreZent: A Brilliant Presentation Tool for Cutting Edge Creative Professionals

Putting together presentations often involves breaking out either PowerPoint or Keynote. But while both programs are great, they’re designed to work just as well for the high school student, business professional, and creative professional. Fortunately, there’s finally a program that focuses on the last of these.

PreZent for iPad is a full-featured presentation tool that cranks out clean, beautiful portfolio-worthy presentations that handle all media types equally well. Your time-lapse videos and photography can coexist peacefully on the same page, play buttons become obsolete, and simple swipe gestures move you from one page to the next.


Navigational controls for your portfolio/presentation are presented at the bottom, where your clients can more easily browse through the presentation out of order, share things they like, or see your contact information. You can also add a more button at the top to direct clients towards additional content.

And what’s more, these gorgeous presentations are surprisingly easy to create right from inside your iPad. Here’s the PreZent how-to video:

There are more details that we won’t take the time to cover here, but both the video at the top and the how-to video above give you a good overview of what PreZent can do. Otherwise, you can head over to PreZent’s website for more info, or grab your own copy for nine bucks from the iTunes Store.

  • Lars Blackmore

    Great and all, but why the hell is it limited to just the one platform? Seems like a wasted opportunity.

  • jas

    soon as I-me herd I-pad in the video, I-me hit pause and moved on…

  • 9inchnail

    I’ll never understand that either. If iOS was the leading platform on the market, I might but last time I checked, there were way more android devices out there. Android dominates the mobile market and still the best apps are iOS exclusives. Bums me out cause I’ll never buy Apple.

  • Kjetil Høiby

    Or the other way around. All the best apps are iOS, still people keep buying Android devices…

  • Ken Elliott

    For me, this app has a major flaw. It splits the work between the computer and the tablet. Heck, if I’ve got a video editing app, why not finish the presentation there and simply export the video to the tablet? That way, I get the entire screen for content and don’t have to deal with the navigation bar. The built-in photo viewer seems better than this for stills.

    If anyone is developing something along this line, I’d suggest they let us author the presentation on our PC/Mac, and provide an interactive player with no screen controls for the tablet/smartphone.

  • Kevin peterson

    Fantastic tool. Another good one is RHUB’s TurboSupport. It offers online presentations, Webinars, web conferences, remote support and remote access together in 1 product. Plus you can also do multi-tiered support with it.

  • Gaurav Jain

    Won’t a web based tool be better, if something like this is to be created?

  • jernfrost

    Something like 60-70% of mobile browsing happens on an iOS device. That suggest that a lot of Android users are really just feature phone users. With respect to real smart phone users, iOS might still be larger than sales numbers suggest.

    If I were to speculate the reason for this is that iPhones are expensive. That makes buying an iPhone a very conscious choice. For many Android is not really a choice. They just want a cheap phone and it happens to run Android. That is not the kind of users who are going to spend time buying and using apps.