Glitché App Intentionally Distorts Photos Into ‘Works of Digital Art’


Aberrations, distortions, corrupt images; all of these are things we typically try to avoid in the world of digital photography. But the Glitché app does the exact opposite. Instead of trying to remove digital imperfections from your photos, the app piles specific distortions on, and in the process turns your pristine pics into “works of digital art” … at least that’s what they’re calling them.

‘They’ are art director Vladimir Shreyder and developers Boris Golovnev and Ivan Shornikov, the people behind the Glitché app. The app, which you can download for free off the iTunes App Store, eschews the common lo-fi filters of today and replaces them with custom-made common image corruption filters, including slitscan, 3D transform, datamoshing and more.

Here are a few examples of the distortion options you get with Glitché:







The app launched yesterday, but its iTunes page is already promising “massive updates,” so if you want to throw your Instagram followers a curve ball, head over to the iTunes Store to get your copy or check out the Glitché website for more info.

(via Gizmodo)

  • WhipArtist

    How much do I have to pay them in order to not ruin my photos like that?

  • Fuzztographer

    No. Just no.

  • dsw59

    try Phototropedelic for super cool 60’s style imagery.

  • grrrrrrr

    really? i mean, really really? this blog is going to the dogs

  • Jason Kim

    oh god…

  • Bossi

    It looks more like my attempts as a 13 year old to watch the Spice Channel while the rest of the house was asleep.

  • Kate


  • Mike

    I already have an SD card that does that. No silly app needed.