This Canon 8-15mm Lens Stool is Soft in the Edges… Literally


Remember that giant wooden Nikon 14-24mm hanging lamp we featured back in February? The designer, Spanish studio Monoculo Design, is back with another interesting piece of photography-inspired home decor — this time for Canon shooters.

The latest creation is a stool that’s designed to look just like a Canon 8-15mm fisheye zoom lens.


The stool features comfortable red padding on the top to stabilize your rear element, and features storage space on the inside that’s revealed when the top is lifted up:


As with the lamp, this new stool is also 100% handmade, and is created out of Ayous wood. It measures 53cm (~21in) tall and 40cm (~16in) across the top.


Build-wise, the stool is a bit delicate, so Monoculo recommends that you use it indoors in your home or photo studio rather than as an all-weather stool.


Only one of these stools is being made available to the public. It’s being sold for €580 (or about $779) over in Monoculo’s Etsy shop.

(via Monocle Design Studio)

  • Scott Simpson

    I’ve had problems with soft stools before, too. Try more fiber or perhaps Imodium.

  • kingkool68

    For that much I might as well buy the real lens.

  • Jake

    Petapixel, you guys really nailed that headline!

  • none

    Monoculo…haha winner name

  • Brixton

    Yeah right? I had to re-read it a couple times to figure out what it was supposed to mean…I still don’t know!

  • Banan Tarr

    I can’t look at the first photo anymore without laughing at those hideous, hideous socks. *shrug*

  • John Kantor

    If it were a toilet, it would certainly sum up the state of affairs of photography today.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Oh Santa… :(

  • wayne carroll

    They go with the product . . . ;-)

  • Cody

    You obviously don’t know anything about lenses if you don’t get the headline…

  • Brixton

    Har har… I know what soft edges are in a photo but it could have been “soft along/around the edges” to make more sense grammatically to fit the chair pun. The stool isn’t soft in the edges. It’s just horribly written. Did you write it?