NBA Player Picks Up Photog’s DSLR and Snaps Pics of Teammates


Remember how Usain Bolt grabbed a photographer’s DSLR last year during the London Olympics and started snapping photos of his fellow athletes? A similar thing happened today in an NBA basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and Toronto Raptors.

At one point in the game, as play was under way, Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer accidentally kicked a photographer’s DSLR (with a wireless trigger attached to the hotshoe) onto the court.

It was at the same time Raptors player Terrence Ross drove to the basket and got fouled in the process of making a shot. Seeing the professional camera lying on the ground, Raptors power forward Amir Johnson decided he would use it to celebrate his teammate’s basket.

He picked it up and snapped a few photographs of his teammates before handing it off to a man on the side of the court.

Animated GIF by SBNation

Here’s a short clip showing the incident as it happened on TV:

Usain Bolt’s photographs were published shortly after his camera hijacking incident, and those images went viral across the Web. It’ll be interesting to see whether any of Johnson’s photographs are published (leave a comment if you see them anywhere!).

  • shinfo

    am I the only one that would be mad if someone did this?
    I’d be like, “Excuse me, that’s my six thousand dollar camera, please don’t tou… come on!!!”

  • David Tong from iPhotocourse

    Well, yeah, but any NBA player can get you a new one with 2hrs pay hehe.

  • aaa

    where are the pics?

  • David Tribby

    Terrence Ross you’re a douche.

  • David Tribby

    Terrence Ross is a dbag.

  • Neoracer Xox

    Aww he’s black, give him a free pass

  • Peter Böszörményi

    cos it would have been way better if he just left it there on the ground with 200+ pound people walking around?

  • robniep

    What is the big deal? He didn’t snatch it from the photographers hands. He picked it up and snapped a few photos. He could have easily left it on the ground which would have resulted in someone kicking it accidentally.

  • Chris Lyn

    Why exactly is T Ross a dbag?

  • Mark Zimmerman
  • Emil

    Hopefully this is sarcasm, but either way it is poor taste.

  • Vayne

    My first though (when reading this) was that I would be upset if someone took photos with my camera without permission, but then realized (after watching the video) that the camera was actually sliding on the court and ended up underneath the basket. Amir simply picked it up and had some fun with his teammates and the crowd. Good for Amir!

    I was surprised that T-Ross didn’t actually land on it when he came down. As for someone mentioning that T-Ross is a dbag… get a life.

  • Mike

    Why is this interesting?

  • Mansgame

    It looks like it has the skyports on it so it was probably the team photographer.

  • Alvin Stroyny

    MLB, NFL, NHL, etc. could use a boost by scripting a few of these “accicental cameras” into a game.

  • Jun-Kai Teoh

    It’s more likely that it’s owned by the publication he’s shooting for – if he shot for a publication. If he’s a stringer, it’s likely he has an insurance policy on it.

    Nonetheless, I would have mixed feelings about him picking it up. Not necessarily mad, but rather surprised and a little thrown off. As Peter mentioned – he picked it up before the photographer could get to it, which is significantly better than someone accidentally kicking it again or stepping on it (I’m thinking the hotshoe mount where the pocketwizard was hooked on would have easily been damaged).

  • IAR

    I think the camera was not even on


    who owns the photos?

  • Antonio Carrasco

    ok, it was cute the first time it happened with Usain Bolt, but now it needs to stop. Those photographers are there to do a job and it is one that can be quite stressful at times.

    Can you imagine if a photographer ran onto the court and took the ball from a player and started shooting free throws.

  • marine321

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  • Charles Rex Arbogast

    Gary Deneen NBA photographer comes and get the camera back in the video…..go go to NBA photo to see them…if he shot anything at all….

  • Aus_Guy

    The player. He took the photos. Even if the person who ‘owns’ the camera is working for a client, the NBA player isn’t and therefore has the copyright.

  • Will

    Actually the photographer should be removed from that area for not being careful, players jump and fall on photographers all the time causing injuries to themselves, by not having the camera secured showing how the player kicked the camera onto the court a player could of landed and injured himself. I’m talking from an athlete and photographers point of view.

  • damon

    There were several ways this could have worked out. My self I would have been happy that the camera still worked. Also happy that I didn’t cause a multi million dollar NBA player to have a career ending injury because of my poorly secured camera. He could have very well have kicked the camera out of the way…Thanks would have been my response.