Speed Up Your Lightroom Editing Using a GamePad Controller


A little while ago, we introduced you to photographer Ed Pingol’s Cullinator, a Mac app that played nice with a PC gaming controller and helped you to significantly speed up your Lightroom workflow. As many of you pointed out, however, the Cullinator could easily be turned into a DIY project, and it looks like photographer Paul Snow of Photo Thoughts was listening.

In a step-by-step blog post, Snow details how to take a $25 Logitec F310 GamePad and customize it using the pad’s own profile tool until it works with Lightroom.

His sample configuration has only been tried on Windows, but it should work on Mac as well. To set up your own GamePad with Lightroom, you first have to open up the profile tool that comes with the controller. This is meant to help you set up the controller to work with games that it doesn’t immediately support.


Once the tool is open, you can use it to assign each button to a designated keystroke or mouse click.

For his set up, Snow uses the D-Pad and/or left stick to replace the arrow keys; the left stick button as a zoom, zoom in, back to grid cycle based on the enter key; the right stick as the mouse; the left top button as right click; the right top button as a star rating cycle; the right bottom button as a flags cycle; the A button as the enter key; and the X button as a flag color cycle.

Of course, you can set up your own commands based on what feels most natural to you, but Snow’s configuration gives you a place to start. Head over to Snow’s blog to get his step-by-step instructions, including his ready-made XML config file.

Speed Up Lightroom with a GamePad Controller [Photo Thoughts via DIY Photography]

  • Tommy Sar

    Yeah, I’ll stick to my Wacom Intuos4.

  • David

    The Logitech G13 gaming pad is a far better device for customizing for Lightroom.

  • Mansgame

    No thanks. I remember early drawing programs on the Commodore 64 used the joystick and it was the most frustrating thing ever. The mouse (or other pad devides) are more natural. Unless you want to be a hipster…

  • ennuipoet

    Are people really having a problem with this? Also, when I am doing editing work, I kind of want to take a little time to see what the hell I am doing. Maybe I’m the strange one, caring that I am making a good photographer better.

  • Samuel

    Is this really faster or better ? Whenever i have to use my PS3 controller for anything other than running round shooting stuff I always think its such a laborious way of doing something. I guess you’d get used to it, i’d rather use a mouse, trackpad or ideally my lovely lovely wacom

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    As someone who’s suffered from RSI I’m interested in anything that changes up my workflow.

  • Sascha Rheker

    Customisable or even more keyboard shortcuts as in Aperture would be much more useful.

  • William Robert

    Welcome I do have this one laying around in my room, never thought of using GamePad for editing. Worth trying

  • Dirk

    How can I make this work with Mac OS???