Cullinator Lets You Sort and Edit Photos Using a Video Game Controller


Photographer Ed Pingol was sick of battling carpal tunnel every time he needed to cull or edit photos in Lightroom. So instead, he developed the Cullinator, a software app for Mac that pairs perfectly with an attachable gaming controller to keep you editing and culling ergonomically for hours without fatigue.

Here’s a short demo in which Pingol shows you just how quickly he can sort and label photos using the controller:

Of course, you could go the DIY route and program your own software for a PC or Mac-compatible gaming controller. But if that’s not your cup of tea, the Cullinator packages Pingol is offering over on the product’s website have you covered.

You can choose to purchase the Cullinator + Editor package for $129 or just get the Cullinator for $50, with an upgrade to add the editor costing another $79. The first package comes with the controller and Mac app that will allow you to both sort and edit your photos in Lightroom 4; the second only offers sorting capabilities for $79 less; and the third is an editor upgrade for those that chose to start off by only buying the sorting package.

Regardless of the package you choose, your order will ship in a little over a month on March 29th. So if you’re not interested in doing any programming and a gaming solution to your Lightroom culling and editing needs sounds like a brilliant idea, head over to the Cullinator website to pre-order your own.

Cullinator (via SLR Lounge)