North Korea’s Official Flickr Account Gets Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous


Did you know North Korea had an official Flickr page? The country’s account on the popular photo sharing service made headlines today after it was hacked and defaced by Anonymous.

North Korea has been saber rattling over the past few days, and the hacktivist group Anonymous decided to respond by launching a widespread hacking effort against Uriminzokkiri, the state-run central news agency of North Korea.

In addition to briefly taking down the agency’s website, the hackers also broke into North Korea’s official Twitter and Flickr accounts.

The Flickr account, once found at, was used to distribute news photographs and propaganda around the web and around the World. After breaking into it, Anonymous uploaded a number of images poking fun at North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

One of the strange Photoshop creations that briefly appeared on North Korea's official Flickr photostream

One of the strange Photoshop creations that briefly appeared on North Korea’s official Flickr photostream

The photo was viewed over ten thousand times as word of the hack spread, but before long the entire Flickr account was nuked. It can no longer be accessed, and a message stating “This member is no longer active on Flickr” greets you when you try to visit the page.

Aside from this successful strike, North Korea’s social media presences on Facebook and YouTube are alive and well, and the fact that major news agencies are happy to distribute official government photographs means we probably won’t be seeing any shortage of propaganda photos anytime soon.

P.S. Anonymous says it’s also planning to flood the North Korean intranet (the country’s private little Internet) with photographs of kittens, saying “North Korean citizens wanna see lulzy kittehs” too.

  • Allan Schroeder

    the sad thing about this incident is that most likely the person(s) in charge of North Korea’s IT and their families will be killed because they “allowed” this to happen. We can hate on North Korea, but there are many innocent people there as well just trying to survive.

  • Joshua Morin

    Good point.

  • Marek

    “An innocent citizen” in charge of their electronic propaganda? Give me a break.

    Ever heard of Goebbels?

  • Jesse

    Actually he never said “An innocent citizen” he said “there are many innocent people there as well” Did you choose which country you’d be born into?

  • Alan Dove

    Exactly what did this accomplish?

  • Duke Shin

    Lots of innocent people in Seoul too. Don’t want 6/25/50 happening all over again.

  • Mike

    Why SHOULDN’T we mess and mock insane dictatorships?

  • branden rio

    When did Anonymous ever care about accomplishing anything?

  • Benicio Murray

    look at all these grumpy old men in the comments

  • HVNN

    In it for the headlines….just like everyone else. Fame’s something

  • Igor Ken

    I wonder what would have happened if internet and anonymous existed during WWII…

  • Ralph Hightower

    North Korea will blame this on us.

  • Desslok


  • lulz were had


    grow a humorous in le brain-ious

    Remind me… what exactly did your comment accomplish?
    oh yeah… it showed your lack of humor.

  • lulz were had

    They did accomplish funny in this instance.
    Dictator who controls everything in his country…..has no control on the internet, is mocked for being a helpless little fat kid on the equalizing playing field of ideas and opinions that is the internet.

    Wait until it’s your government controlling what you say, maybe then you get the humor of it. Actually you wont. You will probably be one of the first ones destroyed by them for voicing an inconvenient opinion. Well you have put your real name and other info beside every idea you have.

    ALL that info you freely and unknowingly share could never be used out of context to ruin you….. until it is.

  • Lotyka

    George Orwell : 1984