Photographer Combines 2,877 Stills Into an Impressive Stop Motion Time-Lapse

The above video is photographer Jonathan DeNicholas‘ impressive entry for the 30 Day Filming Project contest put together by Sue Bryce and announced at creativeLIVE. The contest asked entrants to submit a 2 minute video in which you captured something that made you smile every day for a month, and DeNicholas entry was one of the 6 winners (of over 100 submitted) that were then showcased on You Can’t Be Serious.

To create the stop motion time-lapse combination, DeNicholas used his 5D Mark III, a Phottix remote and what we can only assume was a lot of jumping. Aptly titled 2,877 Frames of February, the video consists of 2,877 stills shot over the 28 days of February (and we would guess 2 more after that in order to abide by contest rules).

You can check out all the winning entries on You Can’t be Serious by clicking here. DeNicholas’ handiwork managed to take home Editor’s Choice, but it wasn’t the overall winner so there’s still more to see. If you wanna see more from DeNicholas himself, he’s put together a “best of 2,877 frames” album on Facebook, which you can find here.


  • Rafael Lopez

    great another…..time….lapse zzzzzzzzzzz kidding Nice work

  • lidocaineus

    Time lapses are pretty passé at this point unless you’re shooting something interesting or adding a twist to it; the video has some decent editing and the quality’s there, but the scenes aren’t that compelling.

    There’s a simple solution to the time lapse malaise that also applies to any film or photo technique that’s become fairly common – make sure there’s a compelling narrative.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Jacob’s Ladder headshake detected!

  • John Stock

    Nothing new here, technically or artistically.

  • Liquidizer

    Yes, this is very nice.

  • brob

    I’m not sure where he was going with this