Hama Announces Wireless Data Reader for iOS Devices, Doubles as a Router


The folks at Hama just announced a new accessory that should make life as an iPad or iPhone toting photographer a bit easier. No, we’re not talking about the guys who shoot with their iOS devices; we’re talking about the people who use them for on-the-go storage, editing and sharing.

The accessory is simply called the Wi-Fi Data Reader for Apple Devices and it does exactly what its name implies: it allows you to upload photos from USB, SD, SDHC and SDXC to your iPad without plugging anything in.

Technologically it’s not a massive leap forward, but there are times when having a wireless card reader can come in handy on location. All you have to do to get your data from your card onto your (iOS 5 or later) phone or table is open Carry Technology’s free Wi-Reader app and transfer away.

Here’s a look at how uploading will work with the Wi-Reader app:

What’s more, sending over data wirelessly isn’t the only thing the reader can do. The feature that make’s Hama’s reader stand out is its ability to double as a router. Using the ethernet port on the side, you can hook up a wired internet connection and broadcast a wireless signal — the mini-router will let up to 5 other devices connect.

Details in the press release were a bit thin, but looking at the online stores Hama links out to, it looks like you can expect to pay anywhere between €70 and €100 (about $90 – $130) to get your hands on it. At three times the price of Apple’s tethered camera connection kit that may be a bit steep, but the multi-functional little device could still make a good addition to the old camera bag.

(via PhotographyBLOG)

Image credit: Photo illustration based on iPad Case by Yutaka Tsutano

  • GG

    Hama is the best!

  • the Trouble

    Sounds like a really big security risk! This might be a good idea WITHOUT the router functionality!

  • Matt

    Sounds very similar to the AirStash

  • bob cooley

    I’m not seeing the benefit here. At $100+ (with the Hama) I can take out my SD card, and plug it into a device that will wirelessly (read slowly) upload my big files to my iPad, or I can use a $10 device that plugs into my iPad and add items at the speed of the SD card.

    If it did this without my having to unplug the card from the camera (EyeFi) or if it did it while directly connected to my camera (CamRanger) I might see the benefit, but this functionality at the price seems a miss.

    Is there functionality that I’m missing here? Mini-routers are a dime a dozen these days.

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    blah blah blah, compact flash?

  • Renato Murakami

    So… if I already have a small wi-fi router and the Camera Connect adapters this is basically useless? Maybe it at least doesn’t have the ridiculous restrictions for the USB port, which would be a step ahead. Out of my current 6 pendrives, none of them works with it.

  • Isabel Herron

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  • Tyler Dretke

    Damn it, Isabel! You need to step it up. I saw Carrie on another page making $7420.

  • Sascha Rheker

    If there weren’t such things as Eye-Fi Cards, this device would make some sense. But Eye-Fi Cards do exist…

  • Tim Courtland

    My grandma could do a better job in Photoshop than who ever created that dog’s breakfast at the top of this article. Lol

    The device isn’t as useless as the rest of you make out. I can see a few potential situations where it would come in handy. Although redundant for Android devices with a $4 USB OTG cable.

  • bob cooley

    Also redundant for any iPad or iPhone user that has the camera connection kit, which can be gotten for $5 on, and that takes more types of media than just SD cards (some of the $10 models will do CF as well).

  • Ben Jacobsen

    you guys realize the camera kits don’t work with iPhones so this is awesome if you want that functionality there… I own an eyefi card, but it’s crapped out on me a few times (and they’ve since replaced it after seeing me complain on FB) so I don’t trust it beyond being the second card in my 5Diii. With my EVIL camera I’d love this option. To be 100% honest I would MUCH prefer apple’s kit, but I want to be able to use it on my phone as well…

  • Livia

    It’s compact. But the price is high to me. I’m thinking about buy the RAVPower 4-in-1 Wi-Fi Filehub, but not sure how it works. Anybody can give some suggestions?