Jessops Reopening Thirty-Plus Stores, Aims for Apple-esque Sleekness


Jessops decline into administration and the drama that followed has made headlines almost as often as Kodak and its bankruptcy woes. But while Kodak faces a law suit in its (hopefully) final days of struggle, Jessops has been given a significant boost thanks to investor and Reality TV star Peter Jones.

According to The Verge, Jones is reopening 6 stores today, with more than 30 set to open next month. However, it’ll be anything but business as usual for the beleaguered camera shop, because Jones intends to inject some Apple-inspired fanciness into the new and improved Jessops.

Jones became Jessops’ “white knight” in early February when he purchased the Jessops brand. At the time, sources indicated that Jones would put his purchase to work exclusively online, but fortunately for many Jessops employees formerly out of a job, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Reality TV star is offering many of them their jobs back, re-staffing about 500 of the 1,300+ jobs that were lost when the chain closed all of its 187 stores.

The new stores will feature several Apple-style improvements, including “play tables” where you can try and compare cameras and plans for a “Jessops Academy” for one-on-one classes. And although Jones himself has admitted that this move is “a huge risk,” he’s intent on making it a success with a combination of that Apple retail appeal and plans to face the online competition head-on.

(via The Verge)

  • rangepig

    Isn’t this the same store a couple of stories down that is charging $5 for browsing without buying?

  • Arctic-Winds

    No, Jessops are based in the UK where as that article was about a
    company in Brisbane, Australia. The image was just used because Jessops
    is a popular shop used for showrooming.

  • vivanteco

    Great idea! Sadly most camera stores treat the camera’s like museum pieces and lock them away in glass cabinets. I hope this trend spreads here to Australia.

  • DafOwen

    Although some “serious” photographers will bemoan Jessops customer service or staff technical know-how – this is a great move.
    In many places Jessops was the only camera shop – no independents.
    Plus usually had a wide stock for “browsing” ;)

  • DafOwen

    Just noticed the website is back!
    Was still down a couple of days ago.