Daredevil Poses for Vertigo-Inducing Pics While Hanging From Great Heights


“Skywalking” is a photo fad that gained quite a bit of publicity last year, and many of the crazy images were created by thrill-seekers in and around Russia.

A Ukranian daredevil who goes by Mustang Wanted is taking the concept one step further: rather than simply climbing to high locations and photographing his feet on the edge, the 26-year-old man poses for portraits while hanging off edges by his arms and by his legs. The concept could be described as, “skyhanging.”


Sometimes described as a “real life Spiderman,” Mustang Wanted started out as a legal advisor before deciding to pose for death-defying photos in an effort to become a professional stuntman. His photos are shot from things such as tall buildings, cranes, and bridges.

He began gaining popularity online after posting his photographs and videos to his website. They quickly found their way across the world and across the Web.











Here are a couple of behind-the-scene photos showing how the images are made:



As you can see, there’s no trickery… and no safety mechanisms. Needless to say, you probably shouldn’t try this at home… or anywhere else on Earth, for that matter.

You can find more of Mustang Wanted’s photographs over in the gallery on his website.

Photos by Mustang Wanted (via

Image credits: Photographs by Mustang Wanted and used with permission

  • Richard

    While I agree Osman is an example of bunji jumping gone bad, he’s not an example of free soloing gone bad. He died because he made a mistake in the length of a rope he was using to jump/bounce off Leaning Tower in Yosemite. While I think the free soloing he did was insane, that’s not what killed him.

    Then there’s Alex Honnold…

  • Richard

    Thanks for that. I agree.

  • Ron Serina

    To some people ..what if not in the equation — they seem to meetup in the Darwin awards

  • Federico Montemurro

    This is about stupidity, not photography.

  • Don

    success at reproduction has everything to do with reproduction… <.<

  • Don

    with natural selection*

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    Great Article. Thank you.

  • salahhe

    Would having a safety gear attached make it less impressive? To me, it would make it more. This reminds me of this guy who used to do useless stuff to dangerous animals just for show. He had a wife and a little girl, I think. Wonder what happened to that one.