Simultaneous Street Photography From Two Different Points of View


Dutch photographers Thijs groot Wassink and Ruben Lundgren live in London and Beijing, and work together on photo projects as a duo known as WassinkLundgren. One of their collaborations is a set of street photographs shot on the sidewalks of Tokyo, Japan in 2009 and 2010. Titled Tokyo Tokyo, each of the pieces is a diptych showing the same “decisive moment” shot by both photographers at the same moment in time, and then arranged side by side.

Thus, we are given two views of the same moment from two different perspectives, something you generally don’t get to see in street photography.













You can find more photographs from this series over on the duo’s website.

Tokyo Tokyo by WassinkLundgren (via

Image credits: Photographs by Thijs groot Wassink and Ruben Lundgren and used with permission

  • Troy Holden

    What a circus…a pack of “street togs” roaming the block taking multiple exposures of each passerby. Yikes.

  • Swade

    Or two separate exposures at the same moment.

  • lidocaineus

    The idea is valid and could have an interesting execution. Unfortunately these photos are pretty terrible all around – bad lighting, bad composition, uninteresting subject matter; it’s just boring.

  • Takeshi Garcia

    taking photos of random people is easy, but I really don’t see the point of having 2 views. I won’t call it decisive moment at all.


    this is boring x 2, why are we even talking about this???

  • Lola

    well… boring a lot!

  • Jared

    These make me sort of dizzy, especially presented nested against each other. The concept is definitely really interesting, and could be put to good use (perhaps photojournalism instead of street), but as it stands… This isn’t very compelling.

  • Ariel Caudis

    wtf is this? new wave street photography? absolutely awful

  • The Jizzy

    Petapixel needs to stop posting these lame articles.

  • Alan Wood

    I don’t like criticising photographers’ work when I can barely be bothered to get my own gear out but, honestly, a lot of the photo series posted on here are getting really gimmicky and some of them quite desperate for ideas.

    Before digital I don’t think film would have been wasted on these and other projects.

  • yrfoto

    so…just need 2 people holding camera and randomly take a picture at the same time = art ??

  • Jared Monkman

    I agree whole heartedly with you. The idea is worth exploring, it’s just, as you said, poorly executed.

  • hotoman

    you are an idiot

  • Swasti Rao

    poor execution.. no impact.

  • Rob S

    What an Emperor has no Clothes moment. Sorry but these are plane bad.

  • Max Silver

    I see nothing in this work which interests me in the slightest. Very unoriginal.

  • Mansgame

    There is no artistic or photographic value to these pictures. This is nothing more than violating people’s personal space when they are only minding their own business.

  • leo

    looks like a stalking people..! but different way

  • 9inchnail

    Personal space in a public space? Seems legit.

  • Eziz

    I like the concept. Different perspective — different photo.

  • arnoud bakker

    I think this kind of photography is more a kind of reserche, rather than eyepleasing and estetic. I like the fact that we can see a subject at exact the same time from 2 different angles, apart from what the subject is, just the awareness..

  • Rob S

    OK, Ill bite, why is he an idiot? And I really mean that because I am way confused by this art concept here. 1 – it looks bad (to me) and 2 – the execution seems clumsily. I can imagine walking along and suddenly having two lenses pointed at me and thinking “Which one should I punch first?”

  • noichigo

    This would be even better, if they BOTH knew how to take photos.

  • Harry Lew

    The British photographer Paul Graham was played with the simultaneous idea, but with artistry.

  • Harry Lew

    “has played”

  • Renze Rispens

    So instead of one terrible photo, they have two… brilliant

  • Lee Harris

    As has been said interesting idea executed in a truly awful way, maybe they are hamstrung by having to coordinate the shot in which case one should be holding a camera that is set off when the main shooter decides, with a radio sync… At least one of the pics might be good.

  • Lee Harris

    I agree digital has made it too easy for too many people to practice their ‘crappy’ art with no financial hit, editing is perhaps the greatest art and it seems to be dying.

  • Me

    Can you believe these images are now exhibited in the main photographic museum FOAM in Amsterdam … It boggles my mind how this utterly boring and poor executed project ended up there. I can see no compelling esthetic or artistic reason for it, other than some kind of anti-photographic statement. The whole concept has no thought provoking depth other than complete astonishment that it is taken seriously.

  • Olafs Osh

    this is so bad…

    I am so efffing tired of people calling pictures taken on the street “street photography”. Why some [even those, who consider themselves knoledgable in this field] calling street photography just random images of people passing by. OK, maybe it is some kind of street photography, but it’s not an art form in the slightest bit. Damn, I could just take out my cam and on the way home from work double my Flick gallery size.

    This is a very serious issue. It degrades how street photography is perceived in general. So seemingly easy entrance into genre does a bad job.

    Oh, and then there are wide angle elitists….

  • Victor

    Which one doesn’t know how to focus?

  • Igor Ken

    Very poorly, if they had the same style of composition work, it would be a bomb!

  • Lazarus

    YeeeeHAW! Let’s take quick pics of random people and call it art!
    Oh, there are tons of that.
    Oh f**k there millions of great photos from real photographers. They call it streetphotography. They compose, they take the moment! They know, what they are doing! They are much better than we are. DAMN!
    AH! Idea! Let’s make TWO boring shots of random people in breathtakingly trivial situations! THAT’S art!
    Sry, that is so ridiculously sad photography, that my sarcasm just went berserk.

  • Theresa Lloyd

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  • Grzegorz Bobrowski

    Nice idea, poor photos.


    This images are a great example of mediocre photography

  • Mike

    There are at FOAM?! I love that museum…that blows that they put this crap in. I guess it is the Dutch guy home team advantage?

  • eg

    They aren’t even taken at the same time as you can see from the photos of the woman in the grey suit crossing the street in the fourth from the bottom. The right leg in one photo is in front, and in the other, the left leg is in front – so what’s the point if the timing isn’t even exact? It might be more interesting is when one takes a picture, the other’s camera also snaps at the same exact time by remote, but they haven’t even gotten that precise.

  • Dave

    This is just crappy photography x 2.

  • Christopher Woods

    What they do do is alter the tone of an image, mostly through the backdrops – interesting how a photo’s contents can be interpreted in subtly different ways simply due to the context of the subject.

    Shame the composition’s wonkier than a donkey with a three legs!

  • Kestas Z

    What next? Matrix style “street photography” with 24 or so cameras of strangers? They will be amazed

  • Destin

    I came to say what everyone else already has. I wouldn’t call this newsworthy.

  • Mansgame

    So when you’re out in public with your girl (or boy?) can I just jump in the middle of you two and listen in? If you’re by yourself, can I just jump in front of you so you can smell what I had for lunch?

  • JT

    In a public space you are afforded no privac -; it’s why it’s public. What you’re referring to is a social rule, and that’s flexible – in some countries, getting close is considered the norm while in others it’s uncomfortable.

    Regardless, not sure how this is in someone’s personal. None of these seem all that close; the focal lengths are on the wide end but nothing invasive.

    And yes, you can jump in the middle of two people and listen to their conversation, and yes you can smell what someone had for lunch. This isn’t illegal. This is why you can be surveilled without a warrant when you’re in public. If it crosses over into harassment you may have a leg to stand on, but shooting a photo of someone on the street? Not harassment, and is protected by law.

    These photos aren’t good, but “violating people’s personal space” is tangential to that.

  • Leonidas Bratini

    very cool

  • Keith Towers

    These images are no more than bland snapshots of people coming and going about their ordinary business. Good candid should capture irony, a moment which is set apart from the ordinary mundane actions of life. As someone said below, they are poorly executed, and not even interesting snapshots at that.

  • Amine Boujida

    i wanna be photographer but My financial situation is weak i can’t buy a camera, help me if you want

  • Correo Casa

    artists LOL I laughed so hard that scared my sleeping dog!
    lost me article and utterly crappy photos ever. I would delete those if they where mine.
    I had the good fortune to walk those same streets and dude I packed 61gb of pics back and even the worst ones are infinitely better than the whole entire bunch!

    reflects a deep ignorance and disrespect for the local culture and customs, is totally moronic and unvelivable rude!

    It’s so agressive for the japanese culture to take pictures of strangers in the street and even further exposing them without permission (I guess).

    A samurai would had his heads off in 1/4 of a second without hesitation.

    And pretty awful pics indeed, one is not even on focus dude! WTF!
    but art and those beasts are never really related to talent or merit as much as to conections and “friends” so it’s more like time to get out of here, I mean petapixel, for good and stop wasting time on hollywoodesque re runs and decaying macro subpar articles please do some artistic edits and erase this one mental eye sore…