NFL Player’s Funny Mugshot May Spark a Viral Portrait Pose Called “Dezzing”


Oakland Raiders football player Desmond Bryant was arrested this past weekend and charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief (apparently the 27-year-old show up at a neighbor’s house drunk). While it’s not uncommon for a famous athlete to find themselves in jail, Bryant’s case is attracting quite a bit of attention due to the ridiculous way he posed for his mugshot (seen above) when he was booked at around 9:30 in the morning on Sunday.

This isn’t something the Internet will let pass quietly without milking it as much as possible. After all, it’s the stuff memes are made of.

Jimmy Kimmel knows that full well, and is spearheading the effort to turn this photo concept into the next Gangnam Style (or Harlem Shake). Here’s a short clip in which he calls on the Internet to turn “Dezzing” into the next big photo meme:

Kimmel decided to start it all off by having a couple of his famous guests (Gordon Ramsay and Stanley Tucci) pose for some Dezzing shots:


If you want to see how the world is responding to Kimmel’s meme request, do a search on Twitter for the keywords “@JimmyKimmel #dezzing.” Here’s Kimmel’s recap of the responses he received:

Thanks for sending in the tip, Sam!

  • Jibble

    Slow news day, huh?

  • Zos Xavius

    Does this even qualify as news?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Man… His neck

  • AdminHarald

    Hey, it’s funny, it’s about a photo, and yeah, what’s with that neck? :)

  • Alan Wood

    If you have to ‘call on The Internet’ for something to become a meme, then that something is a bit sh1t.

  • Anthony

    Umm… this is Peta Pixel. Are you expecting to find BBC reports here? It’s a blog post about a photography related topic.

  • siva

    Why would anybody want to copy what that idiot did? Why? They all look absolutely disgusting.

  • 9inchnail

    That video is quite a long build-up just to culminate in a lame mockery of the Honey Boo Boo mum. Talk shows these days…

  • Scaggnettii

    Why are you coming here for news? What is wrong with you?