How PetaPixel Stacks Up Against Other Top 100 Blogs in Age and Gender


We now take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to direct your attention to an interesting study that was published yesterday by Pingdom. The website tracking company decided to analyze the demographics of the world’s top 100 blogs (according to Technorati), sorting them by reader age and gender. It’s findings regarding PetaPixel caught our eye.

Here’s the chart of the top 100 blogs with colors indicating the various age groups. Apparently we have a very healthy mix of both young and old photo enthusiasts reading this blog:


This chart sorts the blogs simply by average age. Check it out: we’re on the median reader line of 38 years:


How about gender breakdown? Whoa: we’re on the line again!


It’s interesting that this blog isn’t dominated by a male audience. Pingdom itself points out that PetaPixel is among a very small handful of “average” blogs:

There are four blogs that have exactly the same distribution as the average: Daily Kos, PetaPixel, Towleroad News, and Cinema Blend.

Head on over to the Pingdom blog post if you’d like to reader more about this study or see these charts in a larger size.

Blog readership demographics – investigating the world’s top blogs [Pingdom via Laughing Squid]

  • Scott Black

    Luckily for me, orange is the new green!

  • harumph

    I scrolled down to read their methodology, and all it says it that they used Google Ad Planner. Now I have no idea how Google Ad Planner works, but that led the writer to make sweeping statements like such-and-such site “has no readers under 25.” Clearly there’s no way to know that. Going even further, according to these results, nobody under 17 is on the Internet.

  • Rob S

    Sorry about the age thing. I keep having birthdays and pushing your average reader age up…..oh to be green again :)

  • niXerKG

    So what I think I’m reading is that there are ladies reading this blog. Hey… :)

  • Matthew Wagg

    Just interested as to why a photography blog is comparing themselves with tech blogs and lifestyle blogs. It’d surely be more relevant to show how you rank up against your peers.