Idea: Use a Mannequin Arm as a Display For Your Media Passes


After shooting music events, Perth-based photographer Perry DeGennaro keeps the media passes and wrist bands as mementos. Recently, however, he started realizing that he wanted a better way to store and display them. He had an old mannequin arm lying around, which he decided to put to good use by mounting it to his wall. The arm makes for an eye-catching display — every time he returns from an event, he simply hangs the lanyard from the should or wraps the wristband around the wrist.

Image credit: Photograph by Perry DeGennaro and used with permission

  • branden rio

    What an amazingly creepy way to store badges!

  • Sigi

    Or you can store them in your trashcan?!

  • Ralph Hightower

    What’s wrong with keeping media passes or press passes? I’m keeping my credential for NASA’s first and only NASA Tweetup for the final Space Shuttle landing. The final Space Shuttle mission is history.

  • ripley

    I knew I should have taken that mannequin I found lying on the side of the road.