Jessops Brand Will Live on Online Thanks to UK Reality TV Star Peter Jones


It looks like the Jessops name will be sticking around, even if the company’s 187 physical locations won’t. After going into administration (read: bankruptcy) a few weeks ago, and announcing that all stores would be closing, we thought that was it for the once-great UK photography chain.

But, as it turns out, the Jessops brand has found a savior by the name of Peter Jones, a UK entrepreneur made famous by the reality television show Dragons’ Den. The only catch is that Jones won’t be saving the physical stores (or the 1,300+ jobs that depend on them), he only wants the Jessops brand.

Jessops administrator PricewaterhouseCoopers confirmed the news with BBC News a few days ago, saying that they have indeed “sold the brand and certain other assets to a number of buyers including entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE.” And although people initially hoped that the term “other assents” meant physical stores, it more than likely refers to patents, trademarks and stock.

No word yet on how much Jones had to fork out to get ahold of the Jessops brand, but the purchase makes it very likely that Jessops will continue to have a retail presence, albeit a virtual one.

(via BBC News)

Image credit: Photo illustration based on Jessops Shop In Kingston-upon-Thames Closes. by Jim Linwood

  • Alex Szecsi

    Smells fart.1300 jobs still go down to the toilet.
    Dragons den…whatever only a public dressing down.

  • Samuel

    He is more than a reality tv star, the only reason he is on TV is because he is an established entrepreneur. He has a long running history of saving failing companies.

    That being said i watched in shock and awe while a jessop’s employee pulled the film out of my ektar can in the well lit shop. I have limited sympathy.

  • Alex Szecsi

    Its not saveing jobs at all.Just buying the brand rights,and the only winners are the ceo’s again ,the man in the bigchair…like kodak.If my country 1300 jobs dropped like this,it would be a headline.

  • Richard Ford

    Administration is not bankruptcy! It is an obligation of company directors to see to i circumstances that may include insolvency.

  • Samuel

    Never claimed he was saving jobs, and this was front page news, for quite some time it was reported on tv and in pretty much every news paper

  • Pete

    Sorry but you can’t blame Peter James for what happened to Jessop’s, closing down shops and job losses. He didn’t run the company so he can’t be held responsible for that.

    He sees an opportunity to build on an existing brand name, and when succesful this new company will create jobs in the future.