Leaked Photos of Olympus’ Next High-End Compact, the XZ-10


Here’s a sneak peek at Olympus’ upcoming high-end compact camera, the XZ-10. It will likely succeed or be sold alongside the Olympus XZ-2, which features a 1/1.7-inch sensor and competes directly against the semi-large-sensor compacts of other manufacturers (e.g. Nikon P7700, Canon G15).

The leaked product shots, first published by Japanese website digicam-info, reveals that the camera will come in three colors with some special styling on the outside. By comparison, here’s what the XZ-2 looks like (it’s relatively plain):


We also see that the camera lacks a hotshoe, something that is found on it’s predecessor/sibling.

The camera will likely be unveiled at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan next week, with actual units arriving on store shelves sometime in February. The Olympus XZ-2 currently costs $600 over on Amazon, so this new camera will likely arrive with a similar price point.

(via digicam-info via Photo Rumors)

  • michaelp42

    New levels of ugly!

  • Nigel Megitt

    Looking at these pictures this must be a lower end model than the XZ-2 not a higher end one.

  • om4ti

    The patterned-styling is pretty catchy initially. Not sure how long it’ll last though. Good luck to Olympus, they deserve the limelight.

  • Anthony Burokas

    Yea, I can’t imagine they’d saddle their “high end compact” for the masses with little paisley patterns and hearts. I don’t want little hearts on my camera.

  • pinsr

    ewww gross

  • Jim

    The XZ 2 is new so I am sure the two will exist side by side.
    How do they differ?

  • Nathan Nguyen

    If “1/1.17-inch sensor” was not a typo, then it’s much larger than 2/3-inch sensor on Fuji X10/X20. I really hope that was not a typo.
    It looks promising, but is it just me or the pattern design looks like women underwear?

  • Michael Zhang

    Yikes. It WAS a typo. Sorry about that, and thanks for catching it!

  • Nathan Nguyen

    This camera is clearly not for you. It’s for women because it would complement their lingerie NICELY.

  • Jason

    Forget the filigree and and out a 1 inch sensor inside…

  • Jason

    Last year’s tech proved you could put a 1 inch sensor in a body this size, yet Olympus opted for a much smaller sensor. RX100 still wins.