Curious: A Photo That Appears to Show Tiny People Falling From the Sky


Can you tell what this photograph is of? Snowflakes? Skydivers? Some kind of illustration involving stick figures? Here’s the description by the photographer behind the photo, Reddit user Toastbiscuit:

Was standing on a river bank surrounded my mosquitoes. Pointed my camera straight up and got this photo.

You can find a higher-resolution version of the image over on Imgur… in case you’d like to set your desktop wallpaper to a photograph of mosquitoes that look like tiny people, or something.

  • Jez McKean

    I thought it might have been custom bokeh of snowflakes.

  • 3223232

    mosquitos is people…..

  • Anthony Burokas

    Yea, I immediately thought a bokeh mask on the lens, and then the sunlight hitting the bugs creates the figures.

  • JJ

    Over-exposed blurry mosquitoes. Seems logical.

  • Guest

    thats not possible since the orientation of mosquitos are different each other


  • safed

    I mean, that makes sense because the background is so over exposed too.

  • anon

    The background is the sky and the bugs are obviously overexposed by the camera flash.

  • John Kroetch

    That is pretty cool, no matter what the naysayers write. It’s a neat photo.