Giotto’s New Tripod Design Makes It 30% Smaller When Collapsed


We don’t feature a lot of tripods on PetaPixel because, frankly, once you’ve seen one you’ve just about seen them all. That’s not to say that tripods don’t vary hugely in both build quality and functionality, just that it doesn’t really make headlines when Manfrotto comes out with their newest model.

Giotto’s newest creation, however, has made headlines. Not because it’s made out of any new super-strength material. Not even because it sports some crazy design that makes it much sturdier or steadier. No, the Silk Road YTL tripod has gotten attention because of one small design alteration that makes it 30% smaller when it’s broken down.


All Giotto did was change the design of the center post. By giving it the now-patented Y-shape, the tripod’s legs can tuck right into the bar, making the whole thing quite a bit smaller in its collapsed form. Other than that it’s got all of the features you might find on any quality tripod.

The YTL tripods will begin shipping sometime later this month, with the heavier aluminum model priced at $160, and the lighter carbon fiber models starting at $350. Visit Giotto’s website for a full feature-breakdown.

(via Gizmodo)

  • O.P.

    ONE of those, ” why didn’t anyone think of this before” ideas

  • russianbox


  • Plan 9 From Dana

    I wonder how many reading this know the significance of “Giotto” name and in a strange way, how appropriate it is to use it for this type of story/event.

  • Fshootosfotosforfun

    Someone is getting a promotion

  • Renato Murakami

    Spotted this on Gizmodo today, someone at the comments also suggested this interesting alternative:

  • Mark N

    That looks pretty promising!

  • Dick Beery

    However if you want a truly stable platform, you want a tripod without a center column! Take a look at what the pros use.

  • John Sluder

    nice thinking, nice for travelers

  • Bart Willems

    It seems that Giottos has defeated the age old problem of the tube, mechanically, being the strongest form for a given amount of material. Either that, or “without losing strength or gaining weight” is a lie.

    Isn’t it easier to just go with a model without center column at all? Problem solved.

  • Keiran Blackwell

    It remains a tube, just not a circular one. Plenty of buildings use tubes with a square cross section in their construction.

  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    Peta pixel, tripods are not all created equal and not all have center columns.

  • Furunomoe

    I looked at the picture and I thought Giottos started to make some gattling guns!

  • Jordan

    It’s Giotto’s, not Giottos’.

  • Toby Harriman


  • safx

    This is great! I normally strap my monopod on my tripod when I’m on field work. This will definetely help! Thanks for the new design

  • Nathan Hornby

    I can unscrew my center column for low shots, does that count?