A 5-Minute Video Showing How the Sony RX1 is Assembled

Want to see how the highly-acclaimed Sony RX1 is assembled? At CES 2013 in Las Vegas last week, Sony showed the above video at its special press event, using it as a creative countdown clock for indicating when the show would begin. The split-screen video shows three of Sony’s newer products — the Cybershot RX1 camera, the Xperia Z smartphone, and an HD camcorder — being assembled from their basic parts.


In the video, the RX1 reverse teardown is in the upper-left-hand corner of the frame, so you might want to go full screen and HD for the best view of the build process.

(via Engadget via The Verge)

  • Renato Murakami

    Are those Sony ActionCams on RC wheels? hmmm nice

  • tttulio

    WOW, the size of its lens. How come the Contax T had a 35mm f2.8 Carl Zeiss lens that was absolutely TINY.

  • Christian Jung

    Funny stuff like AF, an extra full stop aperture, propably additional glasses for correction?

  • JJ

    Relaxing music, then capacitor shock, ah f*&k!

  • Albin Roussel

    I wonder how this was staged, one thing for sure is that this RX1 is magnificent!

  • Petrut Daniel Plosca

    NU se lucreaza fara manusi` !!!