Portraits of People Who Wear Their Dogs’ Fur as Clothing


Doumé Jalat-Dehen of Brittany, France creates custom coats, sweaters, and hats for dog owners using the fur gathered from their beloved pets (the stuff that results from shedding and brushing). Photographer Erwan Fichou decided to base one of his photo projects around the furry fashions. His series Dogwool features portraits of these owners wearing Jalat-Dehen’s creations, standing besides the animals the materials were gathered from.

The portraits were captured across France and Belgium. VICE Magazine writes,

It takes about seven years to gather enough dog hair for a sweater. First of all, you can’t just pull the fur out out! That’s inhumane, plus it’s cheating. You just have to brush your dog regularly and save what comes off. Then you mail your precious collection of Rover fur to Doumé and she will return it to you in a 50-gram ball of dog wool.









Visit Fichou’s website to see more of his work.

(via F Stop Lounge)

Image credits: Photographs by Erwan Fichou

  • Michael Dixon-Brooks

    I feel all itchy

  • Michaela Irving

    Why ever not?

  • Nikki Comma

    Um, creative?? I’m itchy too.

  • Guest

    hmmm, that’s not weird :/

  • Annehedonia

    Many years ago, I spun samoyed fur and made a cap. It’s soft as angora, but easier to handle and strong. Nice, actually. And not itchy!

  • Dan Howard

    ….but is it art?

  • DamianM

    Not great art

  • karaangtawo

    Very cool. Or rather, warm.

  • RT

    Must smell like a wet dog when it gets wet.

  • Gary Martin

    The last one is hilarious

  • JJ

    What makes you so educated that you get to decide what art is/great art is?

  • Abdelkarim Benoit Evans

    Parkas made today have synthetic fur collars. However, for a very long time, dog fur was used. People wear mink and chinchilla (both rodents) and fox (another canine). Why would dog fur be more objectionable or distasteful than the other furs?

  • cat and dog

    Why are they mainly women? Do men not require such fine garments?

  • nab111


  • nab111


  • Fido

    Do you also shed in the summer?

  • Angela

    It looks so comfy!

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    finally, clothes that pet owners don’t have to worry about getting pet hair on. so long, lint rollers!