Nikon Lens Holster Keeps You On Point When Speedy Lens Swaps are a Must


Here’s a cool little Kickstarter we ran across today, and for once it’s not already funded 5-times over in the first few days, so you’ll have the chance to be a part of it. The product is a lens holster designed specifically for Nikon that lets you keep an extra lens right on your hip and ready for a quick, no-hassle swap.

Shooting in the street and unsure which of your two favorite lenses you’ll need? No problem. Put one on your camera, one on the holster, and swap as needed. No digging through your camera bag, no rear lens caps.

Here’s a video of creator Preston Turk demoing the holster:

The project has 41 more days to raise the required $50,000. For now, the second early bird special is still on, allowing you to reserve your own for only $55; but once those 37 slots are gone you’ll have to spend $70 to get your own. So if you’re interested, head over to Kickstarter for more details.

The Lens Holster for Nikon! [Kickstarter via The Phoblographer]

  • Henry

    reminds me of Quikdraw, which was also on Kickstarter

  • Nathan Blaney

    That’s the goofiest thing I’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t imagine anyone actually using that.

  • Bas

    How does it hold a 70-200/2.8?

  • Stewart Doyle

    And just, follow that guy there. Slip a biiit closer, click, twist, and away through the crowd, £400 of lens in my pocket and a mystified hipster wondering where their spare lens went… (Or at least that’s how I see it going down at the next Edinburgh Festival)

  • Rob S

    Um….yeah….I always like to keep expensive glass objects unprotected in the place most likely to be bumped………

  • chris steel


  • chris steel

    at least that has the sense to pivot

  • Ken Fager

    Ditto. I’m a backer of the Quickdraw. Having the lenses stick straight out, instead of down, seems like it would be awkward.

  • dwillis

    Fake and gay

  • John Kol

    ok for happy snappers with kit lens but would be in the way & impractical & limited protection

  • ga1n

    Conceptually, you think “wow, that’s really minimalist and elegant”, but then from a practical standpoint you are leaving those lenses awfully exposed and dangling.

    Besides, I think if you have it in your mind to go light, you’d just bring a single walk-around lens.

    Nice conceptually, perhaps a great way to display on a mantle or display a collection on wall. Just can’t picture action with this.

  • Seth

    Pickpockets will love it!

  • Mark N

    Come on, It’s TOTALLY safe. Just rotate the belt 90 degrees so that your 70 200 2.8 sticks straight out in front. That way you can see if someone tries to grab your… errr…. equipment.

  • Duc Minh Phung

    fastes way to get robbed :)

  • Dikaiosune01

    Maybe it has some wedding photography applications? I’m still not going to buy it.

  • Rafael

    Besides smacking your lenses against everything around you, you will look like a walking mugging victim. Nobel idea but impartial in today world.

  • David Portass

    probably useful to hobbyists but for me nothing will be better than the ThinkTank belt system I use with the various weather resistant pouches (which all also have rain proof covers).

    My setup consists of:

    – Pro Speed Belt (with extra padding for all day/weekend/week comfort)
    – Lens Changer 35 v2 pouch – for my Nikkor 17-55 2.8
    – Lens Changer 75 v1 pouch – For my Sigma 70-200 2.8
    – Strobe Stuff pouch – For my SB-900 with flash dome on top, business cards, notepad, phone, lens cleaning kit, memory cards
    – R U Hot pouch – For carrying a water bottle, I know some may not see it as important but at a warm/hot music festival in the summer walking around carrying approx 4kg of camera equipment all day dehydrates very quickly.

    For this summer I’ll be getting the harness addon to share some of the weight of the belt to my shoulders too

  • pithicool

    oh c’mon people!?!…nice joke with 70-200 2.8, why not the Sigzilla?! We just tend to exagerate everything…

    This accesory is intended to small lenses. For someone who shoots with primes,and need fast acces, it’s great.

  • harumph

    I’m going to start a Kickstarter now for one where the lenses are mounted onto a hat.

  • Orlando 林安徒生 Andersson

    would probably be great for Leica lenses… but I’ll pass… it isnt discrete enough for street photographers really!.. A shoulder bag is better

  • Lukas Prochazka

    i would probably brake those lenses there haha i can totaly imagine that

  • Karl

    I just wonder can you hold a 70-200 2.8, and a 14-24 2.8 on that thing?

  • Jesse

    No it doesn’t.
    Just use a shootsac.
    Holds more, keeps it protected on you, just as fast.

  • Arian Rassoul

    though it being nikon, never ever would i attach a lense to something uncovered and supposedly stuffed with dust particles. sure put a lense cap on but come on….

  • Keith.

    David P, I’m with you. Think Tank lens changer pouch. Totally the way to go for Nikon lenses, but as a bonus, they have a universal mount, so they work with Canon lenses too. Also work with Tamron, Tokina, Panasonic, Sony. Heck, in a pinch you could even mount a Budweiser in them!

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    try a 50-500…

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    i have all my lenses in cylindrical neoprene pencil cases i get at a dollar store. normally i keep them in a bag, but they have little nylon loops that i could attach a carabiner to if i wanted to hang them from a belt or strap. way more practical than this thing.