Creative Macro Shots of Sculpted Burning Matches


Russian photographer Stanislav Aristov’s matches series has been getting some well-deserved attention lately. To create these sculptures, he bends and molds the matches while they’re burning. He then photographs them, as well as the flames and smoke, using a macro lens and studio flash.

Here’s a sample of photos from the series:








To add a level of depth to the project, Aristov explains that, to him, the burning matches represent life:

“…there is the burnt part representing the past, the smoke of memories and the untouched part of the match the futureā€¦the fire is life.”

There’s probably some Photoshop involved here (as far as we know, fire doesn’t shape itself quite that perfectly) but the series is impressive regardless. To see more you can visit his website or check out the entire series on 500px.


Image Credits: Photography by Stanislav Aristov and used with permission.

  • mortimer121

    be carefull!!
    apple has patented/trademarked the leaf from the first picture.. :)

  • Sticks

    They are quite photoshoped – mostly the shadows are wrong considering that the flame would illuminate. But regardless that, the pictures are absolutely brilliant and still require quite allot of work and skill to make.

  • a

    no bite in the apple, so they got nothing on him

  • mortimer121

    as i wrote: apple has patented/trademarked the LEAF….
    google it…

  • Brian

    All of this could be done in-camera. The flame doesn’t illuminate because its light is overridden by the strobe(s). The swan looks like a double or triple exposure, but that still can be done in-camera. Really, though, nice concept and execution.

  • PRL
  • KH

    Stunning and very creative. Excellent.

  • David Portass

    their lawyers won’t care about that minor technical issue