A Beautifully Filmed Look Inside Sigma’s Lens Factory in Aizu, Japan

We showed you Nikon’s video earlier today, now it’s Sigma’s turn to show what goes into making quality lenses at the company’s factory in Aizu, Japan.

Filmed from the same artistic bent as the Nikon piece, this video show the meticulous process that goes into making quality Sigma glass. Unlike Nikon’s version, this one doesn’t stop until the lens is fully assembled and ready to latch on to the nearest camera.





At this point we’ve collected lens-making videos from several of the major manufacturers; so if you want to compare, be sure to check out the Leica and Canon versions or, of course, the Nikon video from earlier today.

(via ISO 1200)

  • David Valencic

    Am I the only one who noticed the somewhat unannounced lens that is being assembled in the video? Clearly a 300mm f/2.8 OS that doesn’t “officially” exist, yet.

  • Samuel

    I didn’t care for the piano and gratuitous water but a nice video well made

  • aim54x

    definitely a stabilised prime…but in a sense it seems a little bit too small to be a 300mm f/2.8…maybe a f/4 (but at the same time it looks too big)? Maybe it could be the 180mm f/2.8 OS Macro

  • Opie

    But…but… aren’t “hand blackened lens elements” the reason why Leica glass is worth the price? What in gods name have we been paying for all these years?!

  • Cochese

    I wish I could get one of these people to check out my 70-300mm lens from them and tell me why it is making a grinding noise when I turn the focus ring. :/

    Awesome video though, I love seeing stuff like this.

  • Rob S

    Oh man that just made my Sigma vs Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 decision WAY harder!!!

  • Scott M

    Agreed. The piano was annoying. Otherwise, excellent in every way for me. (Better than the Nikon one)

  • sayithere

    I wonder if there any relationship between sigma and hoya? at 0:54 you can see clearly the stacks of lenses with hoya mark on the palette..

  • sayithere

    get the sigma..

  • rcoil

    … actually, the SIGMA one has been shown for the first time 3 months ago for the Photokina. Nikon’s not that inspired on this ;)

  • Ken Elliott

    I believe Hoya makes the glass Sigma uses. I’m under the impression that Nikon is the only Japanese lens manufacturer that makes their own glass.

  • Mansgame

    I was hoping they’d show the part of the factory where the lens is made to drop in value by 50% after 2 years.

  • nab111

    Nice but a bit propagandist with all the unrelated “we are so eco friendly” nature shots and the “we like to take our time/its an art not a process” hall way chit chat shots.

  • Philip Han

    One of my first lens purchases was a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 (I use it 75% of the time) that took me months to research and when I finally had the money in my senior year of high school I finally bought it.

    I think that Sigma’s quality to price ratio is fantastic and I love the look, feel, and way they function.

  • Mike D

    Hoya is the largest glass (for lenses) maker in the world. They also make the most kinds of glass, especially the ultra low dispersion glass. This gives Sigma a competitive advantage in lens design as they access to all the different glass made by Hoya. I believe Canon still holds a competitive advantage on fluorite glass.

  • David Drufke

    It’s an old EX lens. Note the gold ring. I think it’s the old 120-300mm 2.8 OS EX version.