Photographer Discovers WWI Negatives in Antique Store Camera


We’ve shared some awesome photographic finds before — from the surprising to the downright amazing. On the surprising end you have things like the memory card with wedding photos still intact found a year and a half after an earthquake. On the amazing side you have the Kansas teen who bought a Polaroid camera at a garage sale and found a photo of his long-passed uncle inside.

This story falls somewhere in between. On the glass plates inside of a Jumelle Belllieni stereoscopic camera that photographer Anton Orlov bought at an antique store, he found some old negatives. And we mean old… like WWI France old.

Here are a few of the photos he found inside:




Head over to Orlov’s blog to see the rest of the pics and read the entire story told by the man himself. And next time you pass by an antique store, go in. Who know what awesomeness you might stumble across inside of an old camera.

French WWI images found still in camera [The Photo Palace via Imaging Resource]

  • Samcornwell

    Wow! – You forgot the guy who found some of Ansel Adams old negatives.

  • Dean W. Thompson

    Some people just have all the luck…

  • DamianM

    Sadly the Adams estate doesn’t recognize them as A. Adams.
    Snotty pricks. HA

  • dazam

    Incredible. I’m always intrigued to see images from the First World War.

  • Jag Pop

    Imagine charging out of trenches shouting,
    “For the glory and honour of France” (except in French).

    Glad the concept is alien to us now.
    I mean, does anyone out there get it?

    Does that “speak to you” at all?
    — “glory and honor” —

    You would throw your squishy body against a buzzing hive
    of metalic machine gun bullets for “the glory and honor of France”?

    Maybe “it is me”, someone is going to reply.
    To them I say “Here!”

    “Here!, Put this hose in your mouth while I turn on the phosgene
    and then count to eleven after I pull this pin.”

  • Anton

    Thank you guys for posting this – I have never had such incredible amount of traffic come to my blog :) If you care – check out the post I did today on the same site. It’s about a HUGE archive of pictures that I also from the First World War and the Revolution times in Russia.

    Anton / The Photo Palace Bus

  • rtfe

    you just got sniped by a german.

  • Jag Pop

    “They shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations into it; just as Jerusalem in the days of Solomon naturally absorbed the riches and the glory of the Hebrew kingdom, or as imperial Rome gathered to itself the wealth and beauty of it’s conquered provinces, or as Paris is a condensation of the glory and honor of France, the dude abides.”
    – Rev. Joseph Newton Hallock, D.D., June 23, 1901

  • rtfe

    uh, isn’t there like another blog or something that you can ramble about france and whatnot.

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    What a find!

  • chphotovideo

    I think they recognize them as Adams negatives. But the guy who found them wanted to print with them and say they were Adams pictures, but they weren’t his prints aka not Adams.

  • Voo

    I recently found some of my grandfathers which also appear to be WWI based on uniform/helmet/horses. :)

  • Steve Sestrich

    Adams did a lot of work in the darkroom to make a final print, so if he were to print the negative it wouldn’t be an Ansel Adams print.

  • David

    On the last picture, to the bottom right, is a fingerprint. Within the fingerprint is what looks like a face.