Large Prints of NYC Re-Photographed in the Locations They Were Shot


For his project “Un printemps à New York,” photographer Fred Lebain visited and photographed various locations around New York City. He then printed the images as poster-sized prints, revisited those locations, and shot new photographs with the old prints blended into the new scenes.

In some of the photographs, Lebain props the prints up on a stand. In others, he himself stands behind them, with his hands and feet visible around the edges of the print.







You can find more images from this series and more of Lebain’s work over on his website.

(via koikoikoi via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Fred Lebain

  • Jonathan Maniago

    There’s a ninja somewhere in there.

  • Travis Lawton

    When first read the title I thought “Why?!”…..but as I see the images, it’s actually quite a cool effect. Well done Fred. “Don’t knock it ’til you see it” comes to mind.

  • Peter Neill

    Its certainly different, but I’m not sure in a good way. Its like the photographer has done one of those vintage photos overlaid over current day projects, and taken away the one thing that makes it worthwhile, time.

  • Mansgame

    If this passes as photography and/or art, then game over man, game over.

  • 773metric

    “If this passes as photography and/or art”

    It’s both.

    “then game over”

    Which game? The one to see who knows less about photography and art? With you as the winner?