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New York City Photographed Through a Glass Prism


tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo1_1280 copy

“NYC Prism” is a project by New York City-based photographer Allen Skyy Enriquez (AKA The Zartorialist) that offers an unusual view of The Big Apple. The 6 images in the series might look like composite images created using Photoshop, but they’re actually single exposures. The splicing effect seen in them was created by holding a prism in front of the lens to merge two views of each location into one shot.

Enriquez used a 6-inch glass prism — something you can purchase online for about $10. The object is held in front of the camera lens, and then slowly moved around and adjusted until a desired look is achieved.

Photographer Sam Hurd sometimes uses the same technique for some of his engagement/wedding photographs, which we featured back in January.

Enriquez tells photography blog TwoEight that the images required a good deal of trial and error: “What you see through the viewfinder when shooting through an object that bends light can often yield completely unexpected results when loaded onto a screen.”

tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo2_1280 copy

tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo3_1280 copy

tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo4_1280 copy

tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo5_1280 copy

tumblr_mpynxj4ZIo1r8f79eo7_1280 copy

Enriquez is currently offering limited edition prints of these photographs, each of which are signed, dated, and numbered by the artist. 12 11×17-inch prints of each of the 6 photos are available over in Enriquez’s Etsy store at a price of $45.

“NYC Prism” by Allen Skyy Enriquez (via TwoEight)

Image credits: Photographs by Allen Skyy Enriquez and used with permission