State of the Blog: A Look Back at 2012


Happy New Year to all our of our awesome readers! As we move into this new year of photo blogging, we’ll take a moment to look back at how this blog has grown over the past year.


3,106 posts were published during 2012, up from 1,999 last year. 45,575 comments were left on our entries (up from 30,725) for an average of 14.7 comments/post (up from 13.8).

In terms of traffic, this blog received 42,036,302 pageviews (up from 23,280,270) from 15,532,472 unique readers (up from 9,449,286). Here’s a chart showing traffic to our home and archive pages since this blog’s inception:


Social Media

On Twitter, our follower count grew to 122,061 followers (up from 99,435), and we now have now sent out 10,290 Tweets (up from 7,195). On Facebook, we now have 74,849 fans (up from 20,016). On Google+, we’ve been added to 6,525 circles.

We have accounts on Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest as well now, but we haven’t publicized those much so things are pretty quiet. Feel free to follow them, though (wink, wink).

Our simple online shop now has 6 novelty items (up from 4). Pay it a visit if you’d like to support us!

Thanks for Reading

This past year has been a blast, and it’s all of you readers and commenters that turn this blog into a photo-lovin’ community. Thanks for visiting, reading, following, sharing, and being awesome! We look forward to all the things we’ll find and share this upcoming year. Be sure to tune in!

Image credit: Fireworks bokeh by Ghita Katz Olsen

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    No love for your Google+ account? :)

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    Thanks for the reminder :) Added

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    Wonderful work Michael and congratulations on an epic year by every possible measurement. Looking forward to more excellent coverage from you in 2013!

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    Petapixel was by far my number one website that I found in 2012. Looking forward to 2013 and reading all the photography news!

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    Thanks a lot for using my photo on this blogpost! I started following the blog a few months ago and enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work in 2013.

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    Keep up the good work man, I’ve learned so much from this site. So inspiring I make it my daily web routine

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    some people go to the New York Times every morning- I go to PetaPixel!

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    Every day, every hour. Web 100% recommended.

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    No doubt, the very best photo website I included on my favs in 2012. Have a great 2013!!! Thank you!!!!!!

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    Thanks for all the awesome content! I really appreciate everything this blog has taught me and done for me.