Heartwarming Time-Lapse Shows a Day of Play Between Father and Son

Emio Tomeoni often plays with his toddler son Xavier while his wife Stephanie is at work, due to her often irregular hours. Recently, he decided that instead of simply telling his wife what transpired over the course of a day, he would show her through pictures — many, many pictures.

Tomeoni set up a camera in the corner of his living room and created a time-lapse video of a day of their play, showing himself and Xavier moving about the room, tinkering with different toys and structures, and enjoying hours of loving merrymaking.


The video has since become a viral sensation, being viewed by millions on the web and being reported by media outlets around the world. Most viewers are agreeing on one thing: Xavier is pretty lucky to have a dad like Emio.

(via ABC News)

  • Jake

    I know it’s all heartwarming and everything, but I get a kinda creepy, voyeuristic vibe from seeing videos like this posted online. Just watching a video of a guy playing with his son all day, without much in the way of artistic or aesthetic quality is basically watching some strangers home movies. TMI for me, I guess.

  • mwaage

    Love this! Emio you get the best dad award!!!!

  • Harald

    From the wallclock it looks more like two hours than like a whole day.

  • Judy

    As a stay at home mom I have to say this level of sustained engagement and play is very hard and exhausting. The dad is doing an amazing job.

  • Phase19

    Looks like the kid has a nice dad, but what about the millions of mum’s that do this ALL day EVERY day!!!

  • Richard

    It’s a great video no matter what the wall clock says… Very nicely edited and the music works well. My wife could pull that off, not me.

  • harumph

    It’s a cute video, but are you people seriously this impressed that a father is able to play with his child for two hours? You don’t play with your kids? It’s really depressing that people see this basic level of child care as something that’s difficult to do.

  • Guest

    For God sakes people, cant you just enjoy it for what it is?

  • Guest

    or God sake people can’t you just enjoy it for what it is?

  • harumph

    Part of the problem is that the headline and text don’t accurately describe what the video is. Like I said, it’s a really cute video, but most people seem convinced that it depicts an entire day.

  • TaimeAgair

    Good job, Dad! Refreshing to see this after hearing day in and out about so much child abuse all over the world.