A Beginner’s Primer on Post-Processing Photos in Lightroom 4

French photographer Serge Ramelli made this short 30-minute tutorial that teaches the basics of using Lightroom 4 to post-process your digital photographs. If you’re just getting into using Lightroom and shooting in RAW, it’s a helpful primer that will allow you to hit the ground running.

Ramelli has a number of other Lightroom 4 tutorial videos, as well as a YouTube channel chock-full of helpful photography tutorials.

(via Serge Ramelli via Reddit)

  • harumph

    Intentionally underexposing everything in order to “fix” it later in Lightroom is a really bad idea. At first I thought he was just doing this in order to instruct, but towards the end he actually says that’s just how he shoots. He doesn’t seem to understand that he’s created all that shadow color noise by “fixing” the exposure. And then he’s really heavy handed with the noise reduction, so his underexposure technique is really self-defeating. He says he exposed for the highlights, but it’s just really underexposed. He could have done a correct exposure and still retained all the detail he needed in the highlights. The only highlight that would have been clipped would be the sun, which is already clipped in his underexposed shot.

    Also, he doesn’t seem to be aware that there’s a before/after toggle.

  • Stan

    Yeah, I sometimes end up with underexposed shots and do what he explained (in ACR). The photos end up looking HDR-ish and the result is worse for portraits. I would hate to go through the same process for tens or hundreds of photos… I think properly exposing your photo is more important than shooting RAW.

  • Jake

    Agreed. Underexposing is only a good technique with film. In digital sensors, the brighter the tone, the more info is stored. That’s why when you try to brighten shadows, you get noise, but burning highlights still looks clean unless they’re clipped.

  • Rick

    Hey,Thats a good easy tutorial for Beginners that want to understand the basic understandings of Lightroom in the develop module.