Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers, snow, and frost. Among his most impressive shots are photographs of individual snowflakes that have fallen upon the ground and are in the process of melting away. The shots are so detailed and so perfectly framed that you might suspect them of being computer-generated fabrications.

They’re not though. The images were all captured using a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 DSLR and a 60mm or 90mm macro lens.

You can enjoy many more of Osokin’s impressive photographs (16 pages worth, at the moment) over on his website.

Andrew Osokin Photography [LensArt via The Curious Brain via Colossal]

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew Osokin and used with permission

  • Promosyon Tişört


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  • Reija Tynkkynen

    Lumihiutaleita kuvattu hetki ennen kuin ne katoavat, jokainen on erilainen!

  • OGRastamon

    I see what you did there. You pretend to be above the debate while actually joining it. Clever.

  • Moustfa Abubkr

    wonderful pictures thank you for shre it

  • Jason Scott

    Its possibly a validation issue. We are all seeking validation for our existence. When we get accepted by sharing beliefs and outsiders question those beliefs, they question our validation.

    If we could get rid of this need to validate the need of our existence, we may be able to let go and just enjoy the experience of life, but in doing so, there is no real need for “intent” or “ego” thus, as long as we believe in “I” we will probably continue to seek validation.

  • nevaeh

    was it real if not it is still cool

  • Jaesi Bone

    Snowflakes are definitely a bridge between science and spirituality for me. Sacred geometry…

  • Liz

    OMG thats what a snowflake looks like?! I’m from Houston, Tx so we dont ever get snow. I never knew that snowflakes actually looked like that. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for this! It’s beautiful art really and now i know what they look like.

  • Jimmy Palmieri


  • auntyloly

    the snowflakes are so cool-thanks!!!!

  • Angie

    I didn’t even notice anything but the photos! I don’t understand why everyone is getting so bent out of shape over it either way! Stop spending so much time being negative and focus more on the positive. Even if it were extremely religious no o e is shoving it down anyone’s throat. Without sounding like a total “B” if you don’t like what you see then stumble on… Geeze chill people.

  • Angie

    Not trying to be mean so before all the “hate” comments roll in just keep that in mind. Expressing my opinion just like everyone else :-)

  • javafromjava

    Come to most parts of Canada between November and April.

  • javafromjava

    Nice Michael. I actually feel like picking a camera again. ;)

    As far as all these comments about god that people feel they need to insert at every opportunity let me give some counterbalance here.

    I think the invisible man in the sky (George Carlin’s line) was busy creating plagues, natural disasters and diseases that make little kids go blind or did he conveniently not create those. There is NO logic to religion. This big book you guys read from has beautiful stories but every time it comes to where something needs to be explained to make sense of it, Christians are all satisfied with answers like: It is the will of the invisible man in the sky ;)

    Nice photos btw. I agree, Physics and nature are beautiful. Not having answers for certain things yet does not automatically prove that the invisible man in the sky created it.

    Philosophy asks questions that may never be answered.
    Religion provides answers that may never be questioned.

    That it about sums it up.


  • Wiskers

    Beautiful stuff. You intellectuals enjoy.

  • juan

    like snowflakes, our thoughts, opinions, and differences melt away, no matter how specials or unique we feel, no matter how different the others seem we are all saying the same thing under a different light….. so i wonder if snow flakes spend as much of there life thinking about how special they are… do they fight over god and physics… do they fear the ever approaching end… if snow flakes suffered from a rigid morality and self consciousness they might all start looking the same, irregular snowflakes then become “bad”, “good” snowflakes suppressing their individual features to be like “the” snowflake… but thank god and science that snowflakes are not so foolish… they know how to simply be… each one reflecting the form of the whole in a unique and natural way, an infinite melody…. Beauty beyond words

  • 3DmodelerDy


  • Matt___S

    No. We can never do this. Everything must be judged against an impossible standard.

  • Areej Binte Jawaid

    fukin amazing

  • Prabha

    Awesomeee Nature… it like always makes me say wow everytime with its wonderss

  • Joshua Lewis

    I’m an atheist so I really couldn’t care less about all this religious nonsense.. but I’m not going to stop people from believing.. if they want to believe in some being that you can’t see, hear, touch, or even notice at all no-matter if you’re using your senses or a microscope, that’s your choice. As for me, I prefer to have solid physical evidence of something’s existence before I actually believe it. As for the snow flakes, I’ve never seen actual snowflakes on such a scale so I can’t really say if they are real or computer generated. But I still don’t think someone should really bother with that since it’s posted solely to share the artistic beauty of it to anyone who wants to see it. So to all those people who continuously argue over it being real or computer generated, you can go bark up a tree because you obviously don’t have much interest in actual art.

  • xyv555

    This is an awsome photography!

  • Gloomyscream

    Ouaw’… it’s just georgous *-*

  • Misplaced Angel

    I was just thinking the same thing. Sometimes I just want to say, “Shut up and enjoy the scenery.”

  • Misplaced Angel

    I disagree. If people did less talking and commenting and more thinking and reflecting (quiet time) before responding, there would be more peace and less drama in the world.

  • Misplaced Angel

    You are rude. The picture above is beautiful, not because of it’s range of focus or public impact, but because it is an original piece of art that an individual created. They deserve credit and at least a little appreciation for sharing their work.

  • Misplaced Angel

    Thanks for sharing…. beautiful.

  • Re-Branding Nigeria Clubs

    Those awesome designs from snowflakes captured by the master photographer shows the awesome imagination of God. Those intricate designs I have seen similar copies on wall papers and tiles were designed by God.

  • Shay Davidson

    I love taking photos of flowers–close up, and I’m a total amateur, I know, but this is so amazing I don’t begin to understand how this photog made these photos happen. There are those of us who love to take pictures and then there are the geniuses in their field. This photog is one of those and I am so humbled to have seen this work!

  • Loonza

    Beauty at it’s best.

  • kurapatimendu


  • #Nicocoa

    That was absolutely beautiful!

  • Kacie Martin

    thats awesome

  • billholkham


  • You Asked

    God created physics, so in either case….

  • patricia

    Beautiful photos :)
    However, the people claiming this as one of God’s magnificent creations shhh, if this were a set of photos of starving children I don’t think you’d all be praising and preaching would you…? (P.S there is no God. Sorry.)

  • GvSparx


  • frank

    I find these images to be strikingly warm given the subject. Have they been color balanced?

  • bkwparadox42

    Ok, that clinches it. I’ve put off buying a macro lens long enough.

  • Swetha

    Great images of the snowflakes..look like diamonds…infact they can be designs for diamond jewellery!

  • jasper

    well that escalated quickly

  • ziggy

    Are these really possible with just a 60mm or 90mm lens? Doesnt this require more than 1:1 magnification? Either way they r amazing!

  • yah boy

    your all know it alls. shut up

  • MARY


  • Patty Kuvshin

    why are those things based around the number 6?

  • Melanye Narcarti

    Your snowflake photos are simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing them for all to enjoy! :)

  • Sarah Bugeja Kissaun

    Where I live it doesn’t snow at all…

  • Sarah Bugeja Kissaun

    When I afford to I definitely will :)

  • Sarah

    These pictures are gorgeous!