Watch Snowflakes Melt in Reverse in This Detail-Rich Macro Video

Photographer Jens who manages the YouTube Channel Another Perspective has published a hauntingly beautiful video that depicts melting snowflakes freezing back into their original form in extreme detail thanks to a macro lens.

The video above as well as the photos published to his Instagram below show that it is possible to capture these incredibly detailed images and video with relatively inexpensive equipment when compared to other snowflake images shared in the past. While the results aren’t nearly as high-resolution as could be produced, they are still no less impressive or compelling to watch.

Jens writes that the melting snowflake video was shot on his Sony a6300 with either the Sony 90mm macro lens or the Laowa 60mm 2:1 macro lens. He does list the Sony a7R IV as his “main camera,” but it’s still impressive that this high-resolution video was shot thanks to one of Sony’s entry-level offerings.

The Another Perspective YouTube Channel is loaded with a plethora of videos explaining how to take different kinds of creative photographs. From eye photography, to simple creative ideas you can do at home, to photographing soap bubbles or playing with fire, Jens is clearly a great resource for those looking to get those creative juices flowing. In addition to numerous tutorials, he also has uploaded several artistic-focused videos like the snowflake one above on various topics ranging from capturing plantlife to snowing what a firecracker looks like exploding in reverse.

Jens plans to upload a frozen soap bubble video next, so make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel to see that as soon as it is published. For even more, make sure to follow Jens on Instagram.

(via Laughing Squid)