Ethereal Macro Photos of Snowflakes in the Moments Before They Disappear

Russian photographer Andrew Osokin is a master of winter macro photography. His photo collection is chock full of gorgeous super-close-up photographs of insects, flowers, snow, and frost. Among his most impressive shots are photographs of individual snowflakes that have fallen upon the ground and are in the process of melting away. The shots are so detailed and so perfectly framed that you might suspect them of being computer-generated fabrications.

They’re not though. The images were all captured using a Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 DSLR and a 60mm or 90mm macro lens.

You can enjoy many more of Osokin’s impressive photographs (16 pages worth, at the moment) over on his website.

Andrew Osokin Photography [LensArt via The Curious Brain via Colossal]

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew Osokin and used with permission

  • BlackHeart

    I love that they all look different in their own way! :)

  • Jess

    God. The Supreme Creator of the universe. The one who created you. Remember Him?

  • IrelandJnr

    The same imaginary friend people who are resuscitated from several minutes of flat-line death claim they have met?

  • Braulio Lima

    I wish for a new ice age. (i know how catastrophic it will be, and i may not survive).

  • Rob

    Have you met him? I haven’t, certainly no recollection of it anyway. I tried, but I can’t remember anything but the myth of creation.

  • kelley

    These are absolutely amazing!! I never realized snowflakes were so beautiful :)

  • Giancarlo

    Che meraviglia! It’s wonderful !

  • martyvolta

    Just saying, these pictures are a single person’s time and interest. Beautiful as they are, they were created by Andrew Osokin. The focus should be on the pictures. That is what you were looking at right?

  • Hence 72

    ha ha ha god!

  • Melanie Aust

    hey don’t be so harsh

  • Helene

    God is not my mentor. Please do not speak for me. My mentors are those who set examples of a good, productive and giving life whether they be atheist, Christian or anything in between. We know what is good, god does not need to make us good; we have to make ourselves good because we know what is right and wrong.

  • Lonnie Morgan

    Totally amazing and breathtaking!!

  • LL

    The fact that they got some shots of snowflakes is impressive and it’s nice that they’re sharing them. Just enjoy it or don’t and move on. Everyone is constantly learning–especially the technical stuff. Everyone appreciates some good advice, but your comment comes off as kind of rude.

  • realist

    Give us a little credit for not needing crutches to deal with reality, and we’ll try not to assume anything about your intelligence or psychological / ethical health.

  • Martin

    Jen, If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have paradise in a few years.

  • phazerave

    no kidding. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone asked themselves “is this really necessary” before every action. it would certainly be more quiet thats for sure! :P

  • Matt Begley

    Lighten up!

  • Matt Begley

    … made by Frosty the Snowman… or God… or any other fictional character you wish to evoke. Bottom line, beautiful images shared between people.

  • Guest

    In this one, deep, the delusions run.

  • Matt Begley

    Yes, why do so many find the words, I don’t know, so difficult to say? (kids and teenagers excluded) I like to go the next step as well by adding, let’s find out together.

  • Matt Begley

    I wonder if the photographer regrets sharing these after reading these comments and the adversarial turn they took after someone decided to stuff their religion into the discussion. It’s snowflakes folks, awesome images like these usually inspire pleasant feelings. Lighten up.

  • Karyani Onlygarage

    yeah sure, but is physics…

  • adk

    Completely fake – snowflakes are NOT that big!

  • johhn

    we wouldn’t get anywwhere if everyone was more quiet… and just typing on a computer. … unless you are in the world where telepathic communications exist.

  • john

    both of you are clueless. melanie and LL…. BGenie is giving good technical pointers to adjust his magnificent photo’s resolution. all you two got from that comment was harsh and rude??? clueless people.

  • john

    you created “art”… therefore you are God.

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  • Kate

    So beautiful. I don’t care who ‘created’ them, but the photographer who ‘captured’ them has transcribed the ethereal.

  • Fanomia PL

    Wiem, że zima potrafi być piękna i widać to po zdjęciach. Chociaż nie lubię zimna to doceniam jej piękno. :)

  • Average person

    Woh I thought we were all here to share our opinions. He wasn’t criticizing you for not believing in God, so why must you criticize him?

  • Trevor Fitzsimmons

    Very cool. Nature has its own way of displaying its beauty, and when someone exposes its nature its even more stunning. Keep up the good work!!

  • Tammy Lynn


  • RaulSGO

    I believe as a Christian that God created everything and this helps me to be amazed of his creation. Also it helps to indicate that a design like a snowflake has a designer but i would not pretend to declare a war if someone is not agree with me :)

  • Mohammed Salah Smida

    سبحان الله العظيم الخالق البارئ المصور وسع كل شيء رحمة وعلما القائل سنريهم آياتنا في الآفاق وفي أنفسهم حتى يتبين لهم أنه الحق أو لم يكف بربك أنه على كل شيء شهيد/فصلت:53

  • grace


  • Penelope Ramos

    Maybe the photographer wanted the pictures to be as plain as possible?

  • pwr

    nice pics! could be contributed to Wikipedia or the like for more learning minds to see

  • fantasticalice

    It is whatever you want to make of it! Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Estefanía Roldán Nicolau

    Physics do not create ANYTHING it’s just a model, do not talk nonsense!

  • Estefanía Roldán Nicolau

    You are stupid and i bet you are not a physicist. Appreciate nature and try to understand by a MODEL, that’s what science does.

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  • Luis Muzquiz

    my thoughts exactly. Seems like don’t matter if your watching of Queen, or U2 or photos, or videos, everybody´s fighting and comparing instead of just enjoying.

  • Mohammed


  • emjay

    But don’t you think it quite extraordinary that a simple series of pictures of something we (some of us) ‘see’ (trudge through, grumble at) every day has engendered such a flurry of metaphysical musings (ok sure, here articulated as annoyingly bold-faced assertions) on the nature of life, god, the universe? The discussion of God/Physics not at all irrelevant to the work– speaks quite directly to its ‘art’. There’s something about his choices that have let the photographs be more about his fascination, appreciation, wonder, than about mastery of technique. And its that fascination and appreciation and wonder that people (including the god/physics debaters) are connecting with.. Making, yes, the discussion of technique feel seriously beside the point. Not so much rude as, petty.

  • kbabs75

    Simply put… STUNNING

  • Tim Greene

    Well I must say I really enjoyed all your comments. They were so unrelated that I forgot what I had been looking at and got to enjy the wonderful photographs twice. and to the person who posted their own photos I think you did a great job. I think That your photos look better with only part of the subject in focus. It makes the images look more etheral and impresive. atleast from a non technical point of view.

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  • reefer7

    Personally…I believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster created all these snowflakes. It is what I truly believe…so it must be so! I also believe that Islamic Radicals crucified Jesus…and the Allah wears bling….and that…umm

  • Kathie Carr

    These are beautiful photos, I would love them for Yule cards!!