Curious Self-Portraits of a Photographer Balancing On His Head

UK-based photographer Caulton Morris is a dude with a very strong head and neck. At least that’s the conclusion we came to after seeing his photo series titled Upside, which consists of photo after quirky photo of Morris standing on his head — literally. The “trick” behind these surreal images is that there is no trick — Morris actually did the precarious poses you see in each one.

Here’s what Morris tells us about the series:

It’s a very simple project. I literally just take the shots on the spur of the moment with very little, if any preparation. It’s all about play. I go out with my camera not knowing what will happen. I play around and usually end up with a unexpected result. My thinking is that if I have fun taking the shot then people might have fun looking at it! Simple! It’s a form of therapy too. People are often surprised to hear this but I normally go out and take these shots when I’m depressed! It’s uplifting to me to explore creation and find the unexpected in the everyday.

On a technical note: these were mostly shot on a used Canon 5D with the cheap 50mm f/1.8. I prop the camera up on whatever I have available… Shampoo bottles, rocks, shoes, etc. Less kit helps bring about more interesting and unexpected events. Comfort and control kill the little creativity I have!

Could head-standing be the new planking? For the sakes of heads and necks around the world, we hope not!

Upside by Caulton Morris (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Caulton Morris and used with permission

  • Colby

    And let the comments begin about how these are totally photoshopped and everyone else could have done them better. I think they’re awesome!

  • David Thunander

    I really liked them.

  • Ghene Snowdon

    the toilet head rendered us all speechless :)

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Not a fan of this kind of series. IMO, they are pointless.

  • Vlad Dusil

    Fantastic, unique and dedicated series.


  • Carlos Garcia

    Wow that guy can balance! NICE. Great shots

  • Razvan Ovidiu Capinaru

    True! :)

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Taking these pictures actually isn’t actually that difficult. All you have to do is stand upright, then turn the camera and the rest of the world upside down.

  • Nathaniel Young

    fantastic photos

  • April

    You can’t just flip the photo or the whole scene would be upside down…

  • Mansgame

    All I see here is a dude with a strong neck who wants to show it off. There is absolutely no other photographic value or skill involved in the photography. There is no lighting to add drama, no interesting angle or composition, just an facebook quality picture.

  • Matthew

    I think you should read Jonathan’s post a little more carefully….
    I lol’d

  • c’mon son

    unless you are talking about war, weddings, or family… pretty much all photography is “pointless.” as is you adding to the interwebz.

  • Matthew

    I think it’s funny that this series has everything you just complained about it not having.

  • Apri

    Oh man, reading it again I get it haha!

  • DamianMonsivais

    Yeah I agree. Its cute. That’s all it is and that’s all it’ll ever be, A cute Facebook series.

  • OmniMode

    Hmm…doesn’t work for me…sure, it’s incalculably more interesting than (the creatively bankrupt) ‘2191 self portraits with the lens cap on’….but it’s still just a guy standing on his head to me. OMMV.

  • madmax

    Agree with most of the comments here. A good work for the web, but only that.

  • Eziz

    Not everything should have a point. The photographer clearly had fun doing this and that’s all that counts. Beats the pretentious bs that is meant to have a point.

  • alex

    cool but backfocused on most

  • fixit

    I love the idea but my pregnant wife didn’t go for it !