Flickr Launches Its Own Line of T-Shirts for Photography Enthusiasts

There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re in the market for a new photography-themed T-shirt, but an unexpected player entered that market today: Flickr. The photo-sharing service announced that it has partnered with BustedTees to launch its very own T-shirt collection.

The collection currently has five exclusive designs for both men and women, printed on American Apparel Ts. All of the designs were created by Flickr product designer Marc Perry.

There’s a Hasselblad on gray:

a Holga on red:

…a Polaroid on yellow:

…an iPhone on blue (it’s the number one camera on Flickr, after all):

…and finally, the obligatory logo shirt:

The shirts cost $17 each, and should arrive in time for Christmas if you order them today.

The Flickr Store [Busted Tees via Flickr Blog]

Image credits: Photographs by Sergey Morozov/Flickr

  • jb

    Seems there’s some rangefinder-outage on flickr … that’s kinda sad.

  • pete n pete

    I like the logo shirt. Otherwise, I’d just go to Dodge & Burn for my photo shirts.

  • Howard Jackman

    How about hats??

  • Troy Holden

    Finally, Yahoo has a revenue model!

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    both flickr and Dodge & Burn have pretty garish t-shirts (the designs are all terrible). I love photography and cameras but I don’t think I’d ever buy a camera t-shirt – mainly because all of these kinds of places sell standard crew neck t-shirts with those gappy, baggy sleeves. yuck. They don’t suit my skinny-ass frame :P

  • Mark

    And Flickr still sucks..they need a new gimmick

  • Kieran Grasby

    I’d rather they were a bit less “sketched in a minute” than the designs look, and more like the Dodge & Burn stuff, because I would love me an SX70 t-shirt

  • Antonio Carrasco

    really flickr??? really? this is your comeback strategy?

  • WG

    These are so bad. Wow.

  • Ralph Hightower

    I reckon that I’d have to go with the Hasselblad, although I would like to see a Mamiya.

  • latief

    bad bad design. so so ordinary.

  • D for Derivative

    Hey flickr, how about making a decent site instead of wasting your time on this? Perhaps that would stop photographers leaving your site, not this range of half-arsed t-shirts.

  • brob

    whoopeee.. they really should focus on improving flickr instead of making crappy tshirts

  • Rob LaRosa

    Yes – that’s a much better use of time than bringing their service into the 21st century.

  • chips

    So cool! I love them all!

  • chips

    Super rad! Love them all!

  • chips

    Super rad! Love them all!

  • Yellowstar

    I bought the logo one but will be sending it back, as it’s American Apparel. They’re T-shirts are terrible. Never would have knowingly bought their stuff.

  • Terry Thomas Photos

    Where is the T-shirt that says “Not A Pro”?

  • F U flickr

    flickr continues to whore itself out