The First Ever Music Video Filmed Entirely Using Instagram

We all know Instagram as an app for retro-filtered photos, but have you ever considered using it to film a video, one photo at a time? That’s what director Arturo Perez Jr. did for the video above. It’s the official music video for the song “Invasión” by Mexico City-based band The Plastics Revolution.

The band claims that it’s the world’s first music video to employ the technique:

This is the very first music video done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations. Every single frame of this music video is an actual picture that we ran through Instagram. We never shot any video. We only shot still photography. [#]

Perez Jr. snapped a total of 1905 photos around San Francisco to capture the story.

Update: We originally reported that the photos were snapped using only an iPhone. However, we now see that the description only claims that he photos were processed through Instagram, which means the images themselves could have been shot on a different camera originally. We’re waiting to hear back from Perez Jr. regarding this.

Update: What many of you suspected is correct: the actual still photos weren’t shot using an iPhone, but a DSLR. Here’s what Perez Jr. tells us:

We processed all 1905 photos through the Instagram app on an iPhone 4S. However, we used the Canon 7D to shoot the still photography. As you know the Canon 7D can shoots about 8 frames per second on continuous shooting mode. We shot over 45,000 pictures in all. Then during the edit we condense it down to 1905 pictures. As you can imagine it was a lot of work, it actually took about five months to finish. But we’re really happy with how Instagram made it look. We made a conscious decision to stay true to Instagram, as no other music video had done that before. We didn’t use any third-party software or gimmicks we were pure Instagram.

(via Photojojo)

  • Philip Han


  • destroy_all_humans

    ummm congratulations?

  • Derrick Williams

    in other news….

  • 9inchnail

    Using instagram to shoot video in square format which will propably be played on screens with 16:9 aspect ratio and look like sh*t. Genius.

  • Michael Zhang

    Good catch. We’re reaching out to Perez Jr. for comment regarding this, but have edited the post to remove those references. Thanks.

  • punktoad

    In a digital world, what is the definition of still photography?

  • Erick Watson

    Yeah sweet, it’s still a rad song/clip. Thanks for sharing it!

  • rtfe

    i love the 14th cliche, it really worksssssahhhhhh.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    yeah no. i guess he just made similar filters in photoshop/lightroom.

  • Brandon

    I know a guy who’s processing his Leica Photos via Eye-Fi to Instagram and posting them on Twitter. I think it’s something similar.

  • Zigmars Zilgalvis

    oh my, what a crap°.

  • Zigmars Zilgalvis

    with no disrespect.

  • Francisco Candido

    That would be “recorded” not filmed.

  • 7SeasPhotos

    Well, maybe it’s the first “famous” one shot via Instagram. Not the first. Lots of kids have done this…..

  • Chris Copley

    Yeah, I don’t like it. I would guess a lot of skill, time and effort went into making it and technically it is probably excellent, but the end result for me is not entertaining and adds nothing to the music (which I also don’t like, but for completely different reasons).

  • Swade

    That’s incredibly smooth for a stopmotion video using all instagram pictures.

  • Mark Colangelo

    iPhone camera is not fast enough for frame rate we see on the video.

  • eraserhead12

    don’t a lot of filters have like, auto-contrast and all that? it’s surprisingly smooth between shots.

    cute video and nice song, but he should have saved 20 hours by using a filter on a video editing program lol. I can only imagine how time consuming it must be to upload a thousand photos to instagram, re-download them, organize them, etc. for something that would have the same effect.

  • eraserhead12

    pretty sure he used a DSLR on continuous shooting mode. so it was basically filmed like a video. it didn’t say he used an iphone, just instagram

  • Baa Bra Brack Ship

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should; and in most cases, you really shouldn’t have.

  • Paulo

    I don’t get how the girl is on the air (:45).
    Add photoshop to the list?

  • Tom Bryan

    what a waste of time

  • Dime

    Its nothing like the other video, which is stop motion, this one is just a story through pictures

  • Dime

    right…thats why the video’s got more than 100K views and the band is getting international exposure, but you are right, they shouldn’t have…

  • Cristiano M. Gaston

    the point was how those pictures were taken/processed, I suppose

  • Dime

    Ok in that case there are a lot of videos done entirely with pictures processed on instagram (presentations, photo albums, some music videos, ellie goulding for example…). This was the first ever stop motion video to be done like that ; )

  • Chad Douglas

    It’s a great idea, fun video, but more of a novelty than a breakthrough idea.

  • Cristiano M. Gaston

    and with this I definitely agree :)

  • Omar Landa

    Its 200K views between vimeo and youtube 100k in just one day, definitely not worth it haha…

  • Trudy1956

    but do you want to get exposure for this? do you want to have the kind of people who hi-five an instagram video to be your fans? I say: If you have an ounce of self-respect you say: Nah.


    I think it’s brilliant! This is a prime example of how to reach your target market in the new digital marketing age we live in. Good job!

  • Omar Landa

    hahaha you dont choose your fans, you try and get your music to as many people as you can and have fun. I have to say its definitely better, if you are musician, to have that kind of fans than people like you who go around complaining and trolling…

  • AiméeCandelaPhoto

    well this is like shooting on 35mm DSL and processing in PhotoShop or another app. nice try but this technique is not much different then using outside software.. good hype though and he can be proud of the attention.. next genius step up!

  • rené

    yeah sure, but it sucks.

  • malayerbo

    Not if you place bars to fill the 16:9 format, genius.

  • Zoe Cappa

    “We didn’t use any third-party software or gimmicks we were pure Instagram. ”

    Wait, I thought Instagram *is* a gimmick? Seems like a hard way around from batch processing all the images with any of the zillion same looking Lightroom presets available out there that make everyone’s images look the same. Using the same preset filter that billions of people use on Instagram isn’t really that creative. I give them more points for making a pretty seamless video using DSLR stills, but even that is not terribly hard with even iMovie or other video editing software that comes with computers these days.