Fujifilm Baby Box: Capture the First 365 Days of a Baby’s Life with Instant Photos

Fujifilm is selling a cool Instax Mini instant camera kit over in Japan that makes it easy for new parents to do a 365-day photo project documenting the first year of their child’s life. Called the Fujifilm Baby Box, the package includes an Instax Mini 25 camera (in either pink or blue), a photo album for holding the prints, a 5-pack of Instax film containing 50 shots, and a sheet containing 365 round stickers with hearts containing the numbers 1 through 365.

Over the course of a year (and a little over 6 additional packs of film), parents can snap daily pictures and label the instant prints with the day it was taken on by sticking a heart to it.

There are plenty of parents who do this very thing with digital photographs — a dedicated Instagram account, perhaps — but a physical 365-day photo album that’s consistent and neatly labeled is something that will definitely be treasured for the rest of one’s life.

Here are some more photographs of the kit by Malaysian camera shop Foto Pelangi, which carries them:

If you live in Japan, you can also find them on the shelves of various camera stores. Here’s one spotted by tokyo camera style at Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku:

The limited edition product is also available through Amazon (blue version here) but it won’t come cheap: the lowest price is currently $221!

Hopefully Fujifilm starts selling the kits directly through US shops with a friendlier price tag. It seems like it’s a fun project that many parents would love to do.

  • Samcornwell

    An extra six packs of FujiFilm mini would cost another $220, which parents should bear in mind. I definitely think it’s worth it just for the fact you’ll get tangible, real photos. FujiFilm Instax is also far more vivid than Polaroid or Impossible Project film, not to mention much cheaper.

  • pete n pete

    You could certainly do this sort of thing without having a kit. Would be a fun DIY project – prior to baby arriving – that you could personalize. Stickers, etc. could be done at home.

    But it’s still a nice concept, either way.

  • Nate Matos

    Lol I’m almost done with my 2nd year of a 365 project using only impossible film (first year) and polaroid film (2nd year), let me tell you it doesn’t come cheap. But $220 is a steal compared to what I’ve been spending haha!

  • Samcornwell

    Switch to Fuji for year three ;-)
    Do you post your photography anywhere?