9 Months of Pregnancy, 1000 Photos, and a 4-Minute Stop-Motion Story

When his wife Osher became pregnant with their first child, photographer Tomer Grencel had the idea of documenting the pregnancy through a stop-motion video. Over the next 9 months, he snapped 1000 photographs at different points and with different creative concepts. After his daughter Emma entered the world, he spent a month combining the images into a single stop-motion animation that tells the story of Emma’s journey from the womb into the world..

We’ve shared a couple of similar stop-motion videos documenting pregnancies in the past, but Grencel’s project has some ideas we haven’t seen before (e.g. having two versions of his wife from different stages interacting in the same frame). Plus, the video has received quite a bit of attention as of late, amassing nearly 300,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube back in July.

P.S. The Grencels are also running a photo blog that documents their adventures in parenthood through photos.

  • jeremy

    Really classy touch to include the Nutella product placement in the middle of that….

  • Guest

    this again?

  • Mary24

    i somehow find this really creepy. this couple is probably great and all but the general idea of pregnancy videos… yukk…

  • paolo

    i love nutella, w la nutella

  • michaelp42

    Guessing Nutella was the food she was craving? An original take on the idea though. Me likes.

  • Betsy

    i think its awesome

  • its me!

    Great video. Congrats on your new addition!

  • Vlad Dusil

    Oh chill your roll. The mom clearly had Nutella cravings during the pregnancy and it was their way to visualize it in the video.

    Cute, really cute vid and congrats to the new parents.

  • JosephRT

    I am glad Osher and Tomer decided on a much more palatable Emma as their offspring’s name

  • Andrea Santarlasci

    It’s incredible (read:creepy) how detailed sonogram pictures are now…

  • waaminn

    Wow, that was truly amazing! Congrats!

  • Bill Bryson

    why is this interesting? unlike the woman in the story, petapixel fails to deliver (yet again)

  • laura r

    the photos are pretty terrible and I can’t stop staring at that pile of laundry in the corner..

  • Syuaip


  • Stuart Edge

    I think this i really rather cool and clever. Lovely story for you to be able to back on.

  • David

    those boobs got huge!

  • Mark Wheadon

    Well I liked it. Got a little nervous when the pool appeared at nine months (my daughter had a water birth :-)

  • brob

    I’d say this was about 2 1/2 minutes too long. I’m sure it means something to the couple, but kinda boring to the rest of us

  • huh?

    Not to sound rude, but why did this take a month to edit? I’d understand if one could only work on it 5 minutes a day for it to take a month to complete. To mention how long it took as a selling point to the project makes it sound like a lot of time was spent on this, which at most would take someone 3-4 hours to completely do.

  • Jim

    His feet are really dirty. Otherwise cool

  • Momof2.5

    This was beautiful…..(tear)

  • Tibbie Unique Garcia

    this is a great idea and when I’m pregnant i wanna do this too :D

  • sophie

    cool idea!!

  • elubia

    personally i thought this was a really nice way to document their first pregnancy and it’s a lot more interesting than the boring stand infront of a wall and take the ‘week by week’ shot. Congratulations!

  • Prenatal Cradle

    I don’t see what’s so creepy about pregnancy. I think it’s quite beautiful actually.

  • Tess

    Why are people ‘disgusted’ and ‘creeped out’ by pregnancy videos? It’s not like they showed her giving birth. Her expanding belly was shown – oh wow, how inappropriate! I bet these same people complaining aren’t ‘creeped out’ by sex scenes in movies, nudie models and erotic videos online. Pregnancy is a natural result of heterosexual sexual intercourse. Maybe, for their own selfish reasons, these people don’t like being reminded of that? Grow up and get over it.