A Time-Lapse Showing How Quickly Dust Accumulates on Nikon D600 Sensors

Back in October, we wrote that the Nikon D600 suffers from excessive sensor dust in the upper left hand corner of the frame — something many owners have been reporting and a flaw confirmed by review sites such as DPReview. Toronto-based artist Kyle Clements wanted to test this himself, so he bought a new D600, pointed it at a white piece of paper, shot 1000 frames, and created the time-lapse video above.

Here’s what Clements writes about his test and his conclusions,

I thought I would put this claim to the test by purchasing a brand new D600, putting on a 50mm 1.8D lens, and shooting some test shots, before using the camera for anything else.

And, from that I’ve seen, dust on the D600 is indeed a serious issue. Right out of the box, after taking the very first picture, I could see several dust spots, but as my time-lapse series progressed, I could see more and more spots appearing on the sensor. Keep in mind that I am not changing lenses; all this dust is coming from inside the camera.

So it’s not just that the D600 is prone to dust, but the dust that it’s prone to is actually from inside the camera itself. Nikon hasn’t released an official statement regarding this issue as of yet, but it seems likely that the increasing reports and complaints will end up forcing the company’s hand.

Update: Reader Spot points out that the problem may be grease/oil/residue rather than dust.

Image credits: Video and stills by Kyle Klements

  • Mark Wheadon

    The D600 comes complete with an internal supply of dust? Ouch.

  • Dave


  • spot

    It is not dust!

    It’s grease!

    It’s also on the D800(E)

  • Simon Pollock

    I think the dust comes from aliens… you mark my words!

  • allan

    you need swiffer duster.

  • Edward Chan

    Kinda same case with my d7000 when it is bought new, probably oil spots from the shutter mechanism. Will have to wait for it to go away and a period of time.

  • Furunomoe

    Nikon Dust 600

  • Syuaip

    those dusts are features!

  • Google$uck$

    My Canon 60D started getting dust very early, like plastic inside was disintegrating

  • Stephan Haggerty

    Its actually a special “Lomo” special effect filter! The Hipsters should love this!

  • Luke

    Did he mentioned how long took the time-lapse? You know, the relation between time and shots…

  • Mike

    Probe people- ok. Probe my camera- this is war.

  • Tim Carr

    Re d800/E – only on early batches.

  • Tim Carr

    Would it be possible to put the camera in a vibration / shaker machine, like a less intense version of a paint-mixing machine, to get all the dust out? ;)

  • frst

    Does not matter. No excuse for that.

  • perento

    Mmm lets see if its better dust or light …cough… canon …cough …5dii …cough …light inside … cough go buy a sony a99

  • John R

    F6.3 is as about as closed as I go. As I always say ‘there is no substitute for fast glass”. All my Nikons have had features, D70 dust, D200 dead pixels, D3 dust and dead pixels, D800 probably all of the above and a dodgy left focus, doesn’t stop it being a great sensor though. Remember that scratchy and spotty stuff film? Water spots on the neg and bits of stuff on the prints.

  • Guest

    You jest, but this is how the Pentax dust removal system works, by shaking the sensor.

  • Tobert55

    nikons dusty D600 debacle…..

  • Tobert55

    you never need more DOF then f6.3 can deliver… that´s neat…

  • Tobert55

    nope not only on early batches.
    my friend has a D800E build in october and has this problem

  • Tobert55

    well that light leak “problem” would be only a problem for nikon shooter who like to shoot with a lens cap on. or who expect a perfect automatic exposure at -5EV…. and that is ridicilous anyway.

    and by the way it is fixed….

  • Chris Popely

    I don’t even know what to say to this comment…

  • Tobert55

    well this is a common problem with the D600.
    there are no dust problems with the 60D.
    otherwise we would have heard about it.

  • Tobert55

    very fast… i doubt he would spend a week on that timelapse.. he?

  • Mansgame

    Nice try Mr. Nikon.

  • leica user

    nikon… ROTFL…..

  • dan

    Perento have a Lozenge and come back later

  • Giovanni B.

    According to Lens Rentals, probably it’s dust:

  • Kyle Clements

    It wasn’t mentioned in the video or the text description. 2 seconds between shots.

  • JosephRT

    It is indeed fixed, I just bought a new 5D Mark II after seriously considering the D600. If I didn’t already have all those EF lenses I probably would have went with the Nikon. Now I’m kinda glad I didn’t.

  • JosephRT

    Sounds like something Apple would do. Can’t get reception, here, have a free case!

  • kkkekek

    nikon.. was für ein dreck… lol

  • D1k head

    So what, get a swab and clean the damn thing. I can’t believe all the babies out there crying about dust or oil spots on all the new Nikon cams. It takes freakin 2 minutes, wipe wipe wipe and your done !!!!!!!!!!!! Wahh wahhh wahhh

  • Commentista

    Newsflash: Sensors need cleaning. It’s easy.

  • Nick

    What a ridiculous comment. The problem is how quickly the spots appear. There are tens, if not hundreds (when inspected at 100% size), within 200 or 300 shots. I’m taking close to 1000 exposures on each job for my clients. Cleaning the sensor on the job – especially if I’m outside – is not practical. Sure, I can clone out the largest spots in Photoshop with still shots. But how about video? Give that a try sometime…

    The other problem is that it’s not dust. It’s oil. If you look closely at the spots you can clearly see a ring-within-a-ring. A sensor swab simply smears the oil. I know because I tried it and ended up having to take the camera to my local store for cleaning.

    “Babies”? Please…

  • Kamenrider

    I’m gonna inform this to Mr. Ken Rockwell. He’ll solve this problem…

  • ben55ben

    I just ordered one of these dirt devils. It doesn’t seem that the dust issue has resulted in many negative reviews of the camera as a whole. Most of the dust images I’ve seen have been specifically designed to show the problem. Has anyone seen any real life images that were significantly negatively affected by the dust problem. I hope it’s kind of like having a pimple on my butt: no one else notices, but it’s kind of anoying because I know it’s there.

  • ben55ben

    Does Leica make cameras? I’ve heard their binoculars are pretty good. Certainly no Swarovski, but pretty good nonetheless.

  • ben55ben


  • ben55ben

    His schizophreic lens recommendations “rurn’d” my life.

  • dhanasekar

    what is the reaction from nikon