Canon Set to Unveil a New EOS M Camera and Two New DSLRs in Early 2013

As we’re exiting one camera announcement season, rumors are starting to heat up about the next. Canon reportedly has some major announcements just around the corner to announce three new cameras: a second mirrorless camera and two DSLRs.

Craig Blair of Canon Rumors is hearing from a reliable source that there will be two back-to-back announcements in February and March 2013.

One will be for a second camera in the company’s new EOS M mirrorless lineup. It’s not a followup camera to the EOS M — that camera is just starting to makes its way into photographers’ hands — but a bulkier sibling. The new mirrorless camera will reportedly be large and feature a built-in viewfinder — something the EOS M lacks. Two new EF-M lenses are also on the way.

A second camera soon to be launched is the successor of the Canon 7D. Blair writes that the new camera may have an entirely different naming scheme (a bit strange, since Canon already broke open a new model number recently with the Canon 6D).

Finally, a third camera that is set for launch is the 40+ megapixel DSLR that has been appearing in rumors quite a bit as of late. It will reportedly be larger than a 5D Mark III but smaller than a 1D X. It seems like that’s describing a body design that doesn’t exist yet.

  • YouDidntDidYou

    2013 looks like the year of mirrorless with lots of new lines

  • olafs_osh

    Would be nice to buy 600D for pennies next year.

  • Mike

    2013 also looks like the year of very high res cameras. I bet by the end of the year there are several 40+ MP cams on the market.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    An EOS M with Powershot G-series controls would be nice. The current model inherits too much from the IXUS line.

  • matt jones

    EOS M focus peaking please

  • travis

    About time they get back in the Megapixel race. The 5d3 specs vs. d800 were embarrassing. If they announce it Feb/March will it be in stock/shipping for 2013 wedding season?


    An upgrade to the 7D is certainly overdue, I think I’ll be one of the first in line.

  • Jordan Bunch Photo

    Why would you ever want 40+ MP to shoot a wedding? Can you imagine 1500 40mp RAW files? Hope your planning on buying a new computer to go with it… Chances are your current one will not cut it with that many huge files.

    The 5D3 seems to be a better choice for wedding photographers. D800 is better for landscape and commercial.

  • Quazi Ahmed Hussain

    5D III is by far a superior body than D800. The 5D III can capture noise-free images at ISO 3200 while ISO 12800 remains quite useable. On the other hand D800 images are unusable beyond ISO 800.

    High megapixel is purely a gimmick to lure the amateurs while pros need clean images turned out by bigger pixels.

    It will be wise if Canon gets out of that booby trap.