A Look Through the Electronic Viewfinder of the Fujifilm X-E1

When we handled a pre-production model of the Fujifilm X-E1 at Photokina back in September, we noted that there seemed to be some strange pixelation, a little lag, and a delay after shots. We said at the time that those issues were likely due to the fact that it was an early demo unit of the camera, and that now appears to be true. A photographer named Andrew (apw100 on YouTube) recently got his X-E1 before most people by ordering through eBay from a company in Hong Kong. He then shot a series of videos showing the EVF quality by putting his iPhone up to the viewfinder.

This first one shows the general look of the EVF and also the camera’s focusing speed:

This video shows the camera’s shot-to-shot performance. By turning off the auto-preview feature that’s on by default, there isn’t really any lag from shot to shot:

A look at how the viewfinder performs in very bright conditions:

A look at how the EVF works in low-light conditions (things get a bit more laggy):

The X-E1 is essentially a $1,000 hybrid-viewfinder-less version of the highly-acclaimed $1,700 X-Pro1.

Early reviewers are saying really good things about the EVF, and Fujifilm has been working on improving the X-line’s autofocus performance — one of the big complaints about X-series cameras — through firmware updates. As long as the company can nail the EVF and AF features of this camera, the sleek styling, compact size, great build quality, and large APS-C sensor should make it a juggernaut in the mirrorless camera market.

(via apw100 via Fuji Rumors)

  • morph8788

    lol.. what a piece of cra…

  • Joseph Bayot

    Tempting. Verrrry tempting.

  • DanTHEME

    Can’t change it, thanks to Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus OVFs are soon dead.

  • Nathan Blaney

    I used one recently and it was a perfectly acceptable camera. There was nothing about it to entice me to give up either my X-Pro 1 or my X100 though. I think the lack of OVF is going to be a deal breaker for some, no matter how good the EVF is – it does take some getting used to, and I think a lot of people will not take the time to try.

  • Stephen

    I have to attest, the efv in the xe-1 is really an excellent thing. in halfway decent light, it works great for even very quickly moving subjects…and the super intuitive manual controls make it so much easier to use than an nex-7.

  • John Kantor

    Firmware updates don’t solve anything – except bugs in the firmware.

  • mythbuster

    Tell that to the owners of the Fuji X Pro…

  • Jason

    It is a shame Fuji didn’t pony up and buy the technology Sony is using in their EVF cameras (NEX-6/7 and A77/99) The difference is night and day.

  • Ian Ludwig

    Played with this over the weekend. It has a nice feel to it.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Reminds me of my (bad) experiences with point-and-shoots.

  • apw100

    The Fuji X-E1 uses the same Sony OLED panel that is in the NEX-6, which is an improved version of the one in the NEX-7.

  • coyote4

    Why are you using someone elses videos for your post about this camera? Cant you go get your own X-E1 and do your own work?