Burst Shots of Snowboard Trick Capture a Photographer’s Worst Nightmare

Photo by Hartl David

Notice anything cringeworthy in the photo above? Yup, that’s a Canon 5D Mark III (with a battery grip attached) and 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens flying through the air.

Photographer David Hartl tells us the story behind the photo:

This picture was taken last Saturday at an indoor ski and snowboard contest, the Antwerp Railbattle in Belgium. Riders have to pull off the best trick coming down the rails. The snowboarder in this specific photo wasn’t that lucky; neither was the photographer in his path. When the rider came down the most difficult rail, he got out of balance, almost missing the rail completely. On the way down his board slammed into the photographer who was standing on the stairs next to the rail.

The photographer jumped (or fell) down the stairs while flailing his hands in the air. This move made him throw his expensive Canon DSLR sky-high and to a not-so-soft (and wet) landing. Luckily for him, besides a scratch or two the Canon was unharmed and working perfectly.

Here’s the entire sequence of photos captured in burst mode:

Photographer Jorg Jansen was standing at the top of the stairs when this happened. Here’s his account:

The guy on the snowboard came down from the box in a failed attempt to make a boardslide and fell from the side straight into the photographer that was standing on the stairs. It was a big collision and the photographer fell/jumped from the stair on the floor. He had two cameras on him and the one that flew through the air was initially hanging on his shoulder. Amazingly enough, the 5-day-old camera and lens had no problems after their 4-meter flight and landing on concrete… I literally got cramps in my stomach watching the €5500 hitting the ground.

Lessons learned: (1) when standing on a ledge, it’s better to have your camera strap around your torso rather than one just one shoulder, and (2) DSLRs and lenses can sometimes endure quite a beating!

  • 3ric15

    Those L lenses are metal!

  • David LA Rodriguez

    Should’ve quickly auto timed it before he launched it in the air, duh. Oh and Canon FTW.

  • Sporkguy

    Nice to see the 5D3 is as tough as the 7D!

  • kaja12

    covered by insurance….. why bother?

  • LukiNoway

    shoud wear a blackrapid

  • Eric

    Believe it or not but the claims you make have an impact on the cost of your insurance.

  • Norm Cooper

    the photog is giving a Hail Mary to Father Mulcahy (on Right)

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    Specifically the BlackRapid Sports strap…

  • muddyclouds

    Has the new firmware supporting camera toss photography already been released?

  • madmax

    “landing on concrete” would have destroy the camera and lens. It actually landed on snow…

  • ExPro

    That is not the worst thing that could have happened. Snowboards have a sharp metal strip along the bottom edge. If the boarder misses the railing and hits the photographer that knife-sharp edge can cut open photog-flesh very easily.

  • Tim

    You can buy a new camera but you only get one body

  • Jas

    Samsung already features this on their phones.

  • BJ McCardle

    Thats why when shooting with two camera i use a third party strap system, stuff like this doesn’t happen.

  • AngryDude

    Blame the event organisers for letting ”Stupid” media on the course.
    So many events give out media passes to just about any joe with a DSLR. It’s retarted and you end up with way to many people who can’t actually shoot action sports who are in the way of the riders / the actual quality media and then put themselves in harms way.

    Fauxtographer’s galore

  • asher

    i never knew..