Clever Photo Manipulations That Show Scenes You’ll Never See

“Out of Place” is a clever series of photo manipulations by German photographer Robert Rickhoff, who starts with somewhat mundane photographs taken around town and then adds in elements that don’t belong. A residential scene shows a “speed jump”, streets are turned into skateboard ramps, and highways are transformed into volleyball courts. Each scene makes you look twice and smile at the absurdity of what it seems to show.

Rickhoff’s work reminds us a tiny bit of Erik Johansson’s impossible Photoshopped scenes, except they’re a lot less bizarre.

You can find more of Rickhoff’s work on his website and on his blog.

(via Brekend)

Image credits: Photographs by Robert Rickhoff and used with permission

  • 495

    pretty funny!

  • TekAng 

    Cool :D

  • oldtaku

    I apologize for being That Dick. But, though these are neat ideas, if you’re going to make this a personal focus why not get better at Photoshop techniques? The speed jump and diving board, for instance, are really obviously bad edits, and I think it’d be a lot more powerful if you had to consider that maybe this was some real thing some quirky bastard had done. “Nah, nobody would ever do that… … but then again there are some pretty weird people …” In this case it’s obvious shoop, so it’s just a visual joke.

  • Kevin

    As someone who views a lot of photo manipulation and works on a lot of photo manipulation myself, it saddens me to see this garbage get posted.

  • guest

    womp womp, another “mehhhhh I could do better, why amen’t I posted?”

  • No Porbelm

    Nope, they’re really not that great. I can tell from the pixels and from having seen quite a few Photoshops in my time.

  • Kevin Velasco

    Link to your portfolio?

  • monteraz

    despite of the obvious fact that the images are poorly shopped, the ideas are brilliant

  • Sterling

    What’s with the white balance on the center fence section in the basketball photo (3rd photo)?

  • James Donahue


  • Lukas

    Mike, there’s “h” missing in photographers surname (Rickhoff). This mistake is on several places..

  • Mark Wheadon

    Some of these are superb. Love ‘em.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Me thinks it’s an orange plastic section of fence. Not WB.