Polar Bear at a German Zoo Gets Its Paws on a Canon 70-200mm Lens

German photographers Marion and Dieter were visiting the Nuremberg Zoo earlier this month when they came across an odd sight: one of the polar bears named Felix was chomping on a $2,100+ Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS telephoto lens. Apparently another lady was trying to change lenses while standing at the edge of the enclosure, and accidentally let the 70-200mm slip out of her grasp and into Felix’s territory.

The photographers may have had slight smirks on their faces: Dieter shoots with a Nikon D300 and Marion shoots with a Nikon D90. They managed to snap series of photos showing Felix gnawing at the lens, smoking it like a cigar, and flicking it into his pool.

You can find more of the duo’s photos of this event over on their fotocommunity account here, here, and here.

P.S. The couple also regularly visits the zoo to shoot “wildlife” images of the animals. You can find their galleries here.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Markus!

Image credits: Photographs by Marion and Dieter

  • Néstor René Cussí


  • whoopn

    Whatever, I feel that if you make a comment calling other photographers “pimply-faced losers” simply because they happen to be knowledgeable enough to understand where each brand exceeds the other you should be able to back it up. Doubly so when you claim that these far more technical folks than you have no talent. I bet my photos are 10-1 better than wickerprint’s…but apparently he’s too much of a ignorant little child to offer up proof of his “abilities”

  • Wilson Wong Tsz Ho

    That Len was hard…still not broken by throwing

  • Muhammad

    I found no precaution in Canon Manual Book on how to exchange lenses in front of a Bear’s cage.

  • Phase19

    That lens looks tiny compared to that awesome giant bear

  • quisinart

    Andre Agassi should fight the bear for the lens

  • Herb Turner

    I had a Gazelle once take off with my 100-400L lens…long story, but at any rate $800 damage and covered 100% by my insurance rider policy! So yes, this would be covered!

    I just want to know who is going to recover it!

  • Tore Hansen

    Your comments looks photoshooped also, is it ?