Clever Video of a Man Turning the B&W Photo He’s In Into a Color Photo

About a year ago, we shared a creative stop-motion video by Eran Amir that involved 500 different volunteers holding 1,500 individual photographs in order to create an animation. That video has amassed over 1.5 million views since then. It appears that Amir has a magical touch when it comes to viral web videos, because now he’s back with another video that’s going viral — one that’s also related to photography in an unusual way.

The video shown above (Note: the background track contains a bit of strong language) opens with a monochrome photograph of Amir sitting at a table covered with various items. Over the course of two minutes, Amir slowly adds splashes of color to the scene until the completely black-and-white photograph is transformed into a fully colorized image (no digital trickery is involved).

So that’s the difference between monochrome and color… The video reminds us of the humorous Calvin & Hobbes comic in which Calvin asks his dad about this topic.

(via Colossal via The Creators Project)

P.S. If you want to see how the video was made, here’s the “making-of”.

  • Kathleen Grace

    Brilliant, absolutely briliant

  • sdad

    Some brilliant moments ruined by one heavily-stressed and irrelevant rude word in the soundtrack.

  • Rip

    Sdad is retarded

  • Jamar Wynn

    forgot his neck, but good show none the less.

  • Michael Zhang

    Oops. Didn’t catch that when we watched the video (volume was too low). Will included a note in the post — thanks!

  • Mansgame

    meh. Nothing really artistic or gripping about this except that he made everything be in black and white in real life instead of in post production. If the story made sense then it’d be different.

  • Luc Renambot

    Bill callahan is awesome!

  • EnjoyedthatIdid

    Thanks-I enjoyed the playfulness and creativity that went into this project. Keep up the good fun work!