Photos of Kids Using Pricey DSLR Gear Going Viral in China

If you suffer from gear envy, you might want to skip over this post. Apparently children from wealthy Chinese families these days are traveling with fancy DSLR cameras while on vacation. A person named Liu Li Yang recently published a series of photos over on Chinese social networking service Renren that show a group of tourist children clutching expensive Canon and Nikon DSLRs and lenses.

The sight of young kids strolling around with thousands of dollars worth of camera gear has caused a flurry of discussion on Chinese message boards, causing the photos to go viral. Tens of thousands of people had already shared and viewed the images less than a day after they were posted online.

People are pointing to the images as an example of China’s growing economic clout and of the rapidly growing gap between the rich and the poor.

You can find the entire series of higher-res images over on Renren.

(via Renren via

Image credits: Photographs by Liu Li Yang/Renren

  • Marcus Strings

    China Vs. Japan

  • eziz

    Or they got wealthy, but haven’t seen Leicas and Hassy’s in their village camera shop.

  • gxl

    ITs probably just a Photography Class in a private art academy….

  • Imtiaz

    Ok. clearly I see some envy in the comments already!
    A. yes, this looks like some art school.
    B. not all chinese live in villages. (im not from china, been there though, and you gotta check out shanghai. That place will make your jaws drop)
    C. The number of chinese people entering the global millionaire club is higher than the US. (this means they are getting richer, faster, as compared to US citizens. My statement doesnt comment on the huge number of americans already there).
    Basically the reason this went viral, is because people didnt assume or believe chinese to be wealthy. Its basically a surprise to many.

    Just like a lot of people at very large american companies are surprised when they see proper road an internet in Pakistan. Yes. Ive had the honour of entertaining some of those and the level of surprise (indicating ignorance) is basically, at times, offending.

  • CDR-king

    those gears are cheap chinese imitations which China is notoriously known for. Painted with high levels of mercury.

  • Gerdie Hutomo

    dont care what they have , i have faith that my pic is better than most of them

  • Heize

    Seems like a lot of rebels, and some older semi-pro equipment. Lenses are great though. But honestly, it doesn’t matter. These kids are just kids, let them have some fun.

    What matters more is the social distortion these pictures will cause between the working- and the upperclass in China. It should be noted that western culture relies a lot on the goods that the working class produces with below minimum wage and terrible working conditions. I would like to see some more strikes in the factories, such as the recent Foxconn strike.

  • 2132132131

    and the schlitzis complain about japan. .. LOL.
    i wait until china clones produces crappy cameras.

  • Lards

    foxcon employees would jump for that gear…..

  • peter25253

    go look at some spoiled kids from beverly hills or the ivy league colleges.. driving around with ferraris and porsche.

    this news is none.. it´s fox news crap…..

  • peter25253

    it´s easy to use and makes good images… yes-.
    unlike nikon who is for tech geeks without talent who don´t shoot but only talk on internet forums.

  • ceebee

    I spent nothing. how can I not love my carefulness.

  • Ralph Hightower

    How about that human tripod? Wonder what the daily wage is for the Chinese poor to be a human tripod.

  • Corey

    funny thing is that China owns the US now.

  • fartyblartfast

    I’m like, kind of, “so what”? They might learn some photography and good luck to them.

  • gg

    they gonna be pro when they grow up. its not about us being jealous or what piss off problems. even if they’re using Auto. even some of the new user uses Auto too. so =) no harm using Auto.

  • Wang Wono Likey

    These Chinese kids are spoiled from their parents..I dont even buy such expensive gadgets yet due to financial burden.

  • Neoracer Xox

    Not surprised with all the $$ we owe them now..the transfer of wealth is complete..we just barely know it. Yet..

  • AC

    “I forgot my tripod, let me use your head…just don’t move or breathe while I take this photo.”

  • Martha Eka Friyanti

    gini ini gayanya anak2 di china.. looking at their lens ?!! kira2 pakai manual or auto ya..?!! hehehe..

  • Checkmate

    You get pissed too easily.

  • ewen

    Just like most photographer we get here and surprise surprise, canon seems to be the camera of choice.

  • bad luck pikachu

    woah, these photos seriously got some nice objects :]

  • joe

    we all know wealth in china getting stronger than other country. they not earn per month they earn a lot if they get involve to government project. Work Smart Play Smart~~

  • photoman

    admit it, you are just jealous.

  • rxvgs

    That’s the most expensive tripod I’ve ever seen in the last photo! Must be the new Benro ‘Smartpod’

  • damien b

    Or these are the only ones who look like a big penis they dream to have :P

  • Raw

    Probably shooting in jpeg not RAW

  • veronica lodge

    So? If my parents could afford it why not? Who knows i might turn up to be quite excellent in photography. Get a grip people!

  • uninvolved

    it went viral in China first (renren is a Chinese facebook knockoff), not in the west, so clearly it going viral had nothing to do with “people” assuming anything about Chinese wealth or lack thereof.

    it went viral in China because the average wage in the country wouldn’t allow someone to eat and still buy this camera gear in 5 years, so seeing kids walking around with it is shocking.

  • xtreme

    so what do you think? why the Auto function is available on camera?

    nut head, it is for use and someone is using it.period.

  • Afric

    but still, Imtiaz has point. ppl are assuming most of the time based on what they see in cnn and bbc (which itself is biggest lier). world is changing at jet speed and you might be wrong to assume anything for certain region.

  • xtreme

    yaa good one.

  • xtreme

    Poor parents cant afford it and if wealthy parents give to their kids then it is call spoiling ? strange. !

  • Alan Slimak

    At least they are not shooting with cell phones….

  • YieJian

    It’s the skills not the gear……..this generation today thinks the opposite

  • Yola H

    I’m happy for them

  • Commentingontheassaboveme

    How… Stereotypic of you. My sister goes to Harvard, but in no way does she drive a Ferrari or Porsche. We had to move just this past summer due to the fact that our rent went up. Believe it or not… There is such a thing called hardwork

  • farmhog

    Job security for grandma on the Canon assembly line.

  • Kush Patel

    And I thought I was the spoiled brat, waiting two years to get my hands on a 7D at 15!

  • Kush Patel

    I find it comfortable, but never ever ever with 11lbs of glass worth more than my soul dangling from some metal mount!

  • Gil Batzri

    The butthurt here is strong, you folks act like you have never seen rich folks and their toys before. When I was working youth sports we would regularly see lawyer-dad with 8k of gear shooting junior as he played softball with better gear then we had.

    Lighten up, people are gonna spend their money on what they want to.

  • idcut

    looks like a 70-200 f4 + 5d mark ii, not that expensive really.