Parody: Using Photoshop’s New Chinese Food Tool for Restaurant Menus

If you’ve spent any amount of time in mom and pop Chinese restaurants — especially around college campuses — then you’re probably seen the strangely colored and faded food photographs used in the menus and displayed on the walls. These photographs look anything but appetizing, yet you can find them everywhere there’s cheap Chinese food.

For those of you who understand exactly what we’re referring to, CollegeHumor created this humorous parody Photoshop tutorial that discusses an imaginary new “Chinese Food Tool” — a suite of tools that’s designed to easily turn any nice-looking photo of Chinese food into one that will fit right in at a small Chinese restaurant. The tagline: “Now you can display MSG in CMYK.”

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Pedro

    Well, that’s nice and racist. Not funny.

  • John Chen

    Lighten up. This is true and lighthearted :)

  • Soup

    Does it always have to be the race card? How isn’t it that funny? Loosen up a bit, politically correct Pedro!

  • j√łerg

    God, you think this is racist? Dont watch family guy or any other satire!!

  • D4owner

    Definitely not funny. I am really disappointed with PetaPixel.

  • Tommy Sar

    The admin appears to be of Chinese descent. If he thinks it’s OK, it’s probably OK.

  • Michael Zhang


  • newamericanclassic

    reminds me of asian ghetto :D. laminate them, cover a wall in pictures w/out-of-sequence numbers, and BAM. cheap takeout restaurant.