All the Unedited Photos from a Portrait Session in One Minute

Here’s an interesting way to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how a portrait shoot was done. After photographing British comedian Frank Skinner, UK-based photographer Harry Borden took all the unedited photos from the shoot and turned them into a one-minute time-lapse movie. The resulting short film is a glimpse into how a session progressed from one pose to another, and the different ideas that were tried.

The number of the photographs were selected and used for a piece in the Sunday Times:

It’d be fun to see this kind of unedited photo time-lapse for other kinds of photography as well, whether it’s wedding photography or a photojournalism project. It’s like seeing the all of the frames on a contact sheet at high speeds, revealing how the images were birthed.

(via Harry Borden via Reddit)

  • Ahsan Qadri

    I did something similar back in early may – my brother needed a cover photo for their new album, and we went out to shoot at various locations. It was funny to see how the shooting process evolved, by quickly scrolling through the images on the camera, so i decided to make a timelapse out of it. You can check it out here:

  • Kyle Adam Thompson

    looks like me after shooting a wedding.

  • Stephen

    Check out Chase Jarvis FRAMES Hasselblad Masters video: 2000 photos from 5 days of shooting.