Lensbaby Spark: A New Plastic Lens for Selective-Focus Photos on the Cheap

“Entry level” is a huge theme in the photo gear industry this year, and it’s not limited to cameras. Lensbaby has also joined in on the action by announcing its new Spark lens. It’s stripped-down plastic version of the company’s selective focus lenses, allowing you to shoot fun “tilt-shift”-style photos without breaking the bank.

The lens is compatible with Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Specs-wise, it’s 50mm f/5.6 lens that has a minimum focusing distance of 13-inches.

Attached to a spring-like body, the front element is squeezed toward the camera to focus the lens, and tilted to customize the location of the “sweet spot”, or in-focus area, within the frame.

Some sample photographs shot using the Spark:

Photo by Stella Blue Photography

Photo by Nina Westervelt

Photo by Nina Westervelt

Photo by Boone Speed

The Lensbaby Spark will be available starting September 18, 2012, and will cost $80 from Amazon and in a number of camera shops around the world.

  • nate parker

    I’d rather save 12 times that much and buy a new used real tilt shift!
    call me crazy just don’t call me maybe.

  • Darren Rose

    Great level entry lens for photos but what about tilt shift video? Doesn’t look like you can lock the focus down, gaffa tape it is then! :O)

  • AntonyShepherd

    So pretty much like the original Lensbaby, then. I had one once, but found it was pretty much a gimmick lens.

  • brob

    looks like it could be fun for the price

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Lensbaby Spark: for those days when you’re tired of taking photography too seriously.

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    Looks like fun. some blurred vignette will do .

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Hipsters rejoice!!!

  • guest

    why spend $80 on what looks like photoshopped “zoom blur”?

  • James Romaine

    Looks like a good and cheap tilt shift lens for video.

  • Jackson Cheese

    What’s a hipster, and why would they want this?

  • Ripley

    I am a hipster and I want this.

  • rtfe

    i too am a hamster and i want this

  • Jay McIntyre

    I thought hamsters ate celery

  • hater artist

    nor hipster or hamster (in fact hate both) but want this lens bad!

  • hater artist

    that’s exactly why! who uses photoshop’s crappy effects to embarrass oneself and call oneself creative photographer? it’s like comparing a full frame flagship DSLR (=lensbaby) to a cheap cameraphone (=photoshop effect), if this would clarify the difference the way you might think.. :)

  • hater artist

    more plastic lenses to the digital cameras, please! who has time to play with filters and apps when you could get creative quality pictures in-camera?